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This forum space is dedicated to conversations related to the Immersive Ed/Virtual Worlds Quest Chain, Spring 2012 Teacher Camp.
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Kae Novak and friends uncovering the cool world of how to make machinima (animated video) in a variety of virtual environments.
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Liz Kolb's quest strand on all thing mobile learning.
Forum for teachers participating in NOAA's Planet Stewards training and career pathway badge curriculum. Pilot group launches fall 2012, open to the public in late spring, 2013. For more info, see
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Welcome!! In this forum we'll reflect in our exploration of virtual worlds. What is a virtual world anyway? Is there more than one? If so, which ones serve your needs? You will use this forum for your posts after completing some of your quests. See ya online!
Welcome to the Creativity Forum where you will discover supportive information and share meaningful experiences about your participation within the 3DGame Lab Creativity Strand. Please feel free to post your comments and ideas to serve our ever growing community. We are here to assist you and provide guidance just as much as we are here to learn from you. Use this forum to submit your quest completion responses and be sure to have fun! We look forward to hearing from you!
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The Ready to Raid Questline is for educators who want to learn about and discuss the higher order thinking and collaborative skills that happen at MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games) endgame. You don't have to raid to understand the learning that happens there, but this forum and questline will help you learn the complexity and of course gaming and geek cultural references!
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Discussion Forum for Design-Based Learning Labs in Every Classroom Camp.
Welcome to PhotoShoppers, the place to play with and learn PhotoShop. Our quests begin with the basics and advance through photo retouching and creating convincing fakes. Your Quest Master (that’s me, Wanddy) will be with you as we create turkeys and dragons and melon heads. We will meet in Stormwind in WOW for visits each week and there will be opportunities to do screen shares when problems occur. Get ready for a ride, Wanddy (AKA Brian Zimmerman)
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Forum for teachers participating in NOAA's Planet Stewards training and career pathway badge curriculum. For more info, see
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These discussions relate to the Gamifying Student Orientation portion of the 3DGameLab Teacher Camp,
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This quest chain will introduce several web tools and useful apps to enhance, supplement, and innovate the K-8 classroom. The emphasis is on production and sharing beyond the classroom.
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We will use this forum to discuss, problem solve, and brain storm ways to use Scratch for digital animation.
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This is a general forum for people wanting to discuss the pedagogical possibilities of Minecraft. Should you want to take go deeper and take the October camp for this topic then please join the group of the same name Digging into Game-Based Learning with Minecraft
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The goals of this group are to make faculty comfortable with, and knowledgeable about, a variety of websites that provide easily accessible, legally usable, and free multimedia materials.
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Let's make middle school research developmentally appropriate and successful!
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See how math, statistics and critical thinking is involved in the building and leveling of a character. Participants will explore classes and roles as well as the math and strategy that are the foundation for game mechanics such as stat priority, glyphs, spec builds, rotations, and cooldowns.
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Discussions related to the "Tech Integration" quest chain for Teacher Camp
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These forms are for the Minecraft portions of the Game Design Camp for teachers.
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This forum is for posting slot, questions, and games created using the tool Sploder.
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The forum for February Teacher camp discussions.
Post your links to your games in this forum for feedback and review!
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In this camp participants will explore ASSISTments a free assessment tool designed with tutoring built right in. This is a great tool for blended learning, flipped classrooms, and benchmark assessments. We will explore the prebuilt problem sets, how to create your own problem sets, and using embeddable media. As well as the various roles of student, parent, and teacher with in this assessment tool. March 2014 Teacher Camp.
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Post your ideas and get in on the discussion about your Quest for a Story, March 2014 Teacher Camp.
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This forum will discuss video production in the classroom and beyond.
June 2014 teacher camp: We’ll cover three years of research and lessons learned about the effective design and use of quest and badge-based learning to promote student engagement.
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Skip the controversy, and experience how to implement a gamified Common Core curriculum focused on those crucial components of a student-centered, 21st century learning approach, and dedicated to transforming teaching practice in a way that allows learners to develop those skills. Through integrated quests, participants will experience hands-on, practitioner-based, and technology supported application of the Common Core aligned with English, Mathematics, and non-English content areas across grade levels. We’ll cover big picture implications to activities designed to identify Common Core Instructional Shifts, Anchor Standards, and key instructional practices, as well as knowledge and skills associated with performance-based assessment. All teachers, whether beginner or advanced, will benefit from the opportunity to make immediate changes in their curriculum, lesson planning and instructional practice.
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This is the section for quest responses and conversations related to the WoW in School Teacher Camp. PLEASE NOTE: The "FREE" version of World of Warcraft will not be acceptable for our purposes in 3D GameLab as the communication and grouping features that support our learning are not accessible. The software is $19.99 unless there is a Blizzard "sale" going on---and includes a 30 day subscription to the game. If this is problematic for anyone please contact me off list and we will see what we can do. Have at it, Adventurers!
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This is the discussion forum for the Google Apps quest chain of Teacher Camp. Welcome!
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Make your own app with App Inventor!
These discussions relate to the Minecraft in School portion of the 3DGameLab Teacher Camp,
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