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#5851863 Mar 25, 2012 at 09:01 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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We hope you were able to attend the Live Event at the Pig and Whistle Inn on Thursday or Sunday of our first week. NOTE: Each week has it's own thread=Honor the Scribe 2 & 3 Couldn't make it? Fear not! Read the transcript of the text chat below, offer your 3 take-aways, and ask questions! Please complete the poll above to help us help you!

Here is the text transcript from the meetup at the Pig and Whistle! While most of the conversation took place in ventrilo- some of the text chat may help you to remember a question or comment you may have. Remember that as a "map" for this quest you were asked to think of 3 take-aways from the conversation:

ALSO remember we had three educator groups combined - MOOC, 3DGL, ad CogDis [Smile]

Logging started on 04/05/2012 at 20:05:42.
20:06:45 [Lorole]: I am at canals and ocean.
20:07:33 [Maratsade]: OMW Lorole
20:08:35 [Maratsade]: welcome Esme!
20:08:45 [Pantego]: Welcome Esmeque!
20:09:03 [Lorole]: Should I do something. Sorry about the problem.
20:09:19 [Esmeque]: Thank you guildies
20:09:35 [Lorole]: fun
20:10:42 [Farnord]: nope
20:10:53 [Grandpachris]: nope
20:10:53 [Lorole]: do I need to log out of wow to set up vent
20:11:16 [Esmeque]: Is there a meet up tonight?
20:11:35 [Lorole]: brb setting up vent
20:11:42 [Pechakucha]: yes in the Pig and Whistle in Stormwind
20:11:46 [Pechakucha]: in old town
20:12:13 [Esmeque]: How does a level one get there?
20:12:18 [Maratsade]: cog sid- here is the vent info for 3D Gamelab 3862 no PW
20:12:33 [Maratsade]: that is SeattleNation
20:12:41 [Maratsade]: ugh wait
20:12:51 [Pantego]:
20:12:56 [Maratsade]: lol
20:13:02 [Pantego]: Yep
20:13:08 [Pantego]: I left out the 3
20:13:11 [Maratsade]: port: 3862 No PWW
20:13:27 [Grandpachris]: want me to get Esmeque
20:14:07 [Maratsade]: welcome Odin
20:14:11 [Pantego]: Welcome Odinsun!
20:14:13 [Grandpachris]: welcome
20:14:24 [Vargsdropi]: This is fun
20:15:40 [Maratsade]: OK Lets all get in Game LAb vent
20:15:52 [Maratsade]: so that we dont have too many conversations
20:16:51 [Pantego]: Welcome Tevye!
20:20:04 [Pechakucha]: new Vent info is:
20:20:06 [Pechakucha]: IP:[17:18] Abacus Capalini: port: 3862[17:19] Abacus Capalini: no password on it
20:20:33 [Pechakucha]: IP: port: 3862 no password on it
20:20:41 [Pechakucha]: that's the cleaned up version lol
20:20:55 [Azif]: It is so much information that the dog is crying!
20:21:02 [Farnord]: lol
20:21:58 [Vargsdropi]: You can't even see the action because you have so many things up for endgame (at least as a healer)
20:22:59 [Vargsdropi]: Flashing buttons tell you to check for new skills or updates...lots of info.
20:23:38 [Vargsdropi]: I liken the experience to a moment in the land of Autism. Until you learn to filter out information you are in info overload.
20:25:02 [Aevallekin]: I heard that I was supposed to copy and paste something from chat but just missed what it was.
20:27:05 [Grandpachris]: yes he will!!!!
20:27:38 [Pechakucha]: IP: Seattle3.NationVoice.comport: 3862no password on it
20:27:55 [Pechakucha]: At better version is: IP: port: 3862 no password on it
20:28:46 [Grandpachris]: can u make louder individual folks
20:30:08 Worgcat has earned the achievement [Freedom of the Alliance]!
20:30:14 [Vargsdropi]: If someone really wants to try another race I am willing to walk with you to the city.
20:31:23 [Grandpachris]: What about Older?
20:31:41 [Vargsdropi]: We buy virtual items all the time. Think about a DVD? What is it really?
20:32:05 [Vargsdropi]: how many people buy their movies as a download now?
20:32:08 [Pantego]: A waste of $$$.... Streaming FTW
20:32:17 [Pantego]: [Tongue]
20:33:22 [Pechakucha]: running is the incentive to get a mount [lol]
20:33:29 [Farnord]: lol
20:33:33 [Vargsdropi]: vs paying $25 for a DVD that you watch a couple times?
20:33:50 [Vargsdropi]: Unless you have a which case you watch Monster's daily.
20:34:05 [Pantego]: least it's Monsters Inc!
20:34:05 [Pechakucha]: but I can't use my movie download as a coaster like I do my dvd case
20:34:05 [Farnord]: so should we continue questing while listening to the chat
20:34:17 [Grandpachris]: Dino Dan DVD dives me nuts
20:34:21 [Tevye]: I know people who play a game called World of Tanks where spending money on a monthly subscription increases the rate at which you gain experience.
20:34:30 [Pechakucha]: lol [lol]
20:34:37 [Tevye]: Additionally, you can pay to buy consumable ammo and special items.
20:34:43 [Tashidelek]: Yay Aevalle - you made it over!
20:34:50 [Tevye]: Some of these guys have literally spend hundreds of dollars in a few months.
20:34:51 [Pechakucha]: there is a lot of places to go
20:35:48 [Aevallekin]: I did!
20:35:50 [Tashidelek]: More screenshots - guys!
20:37:23 [Azif]: I will take a shot of my interface and post it in the forum Peggy. They may be shocked at how different you can make it.
20:37:49 [Vargsdropi]: Should do it from a raid.
20:37:50 [Pechakucha]: lol.. members of the MOOC [lol]
20:37:56 [Farnord]: what is the "mook"?
20:37:59 [Pechakucha]: I'm in all three of those categories [lol]
20:38:05 [Hecatera]: MOOC - Massively Open Online Course
20:38:19 [Tashidelek]: me too I'm part of the trifecta
20:38:20 [Farnord]: where is that out of?
20:38:25 [Hecatera]:
20:38:35 [Pechakucha]: we are expanding on topics from
20:38:37 [Hecatera]: I like that... Trifecta!
20:38:50 [Pechakucha]: Oh.. Kill on Sight is interesting [lol]
20:39:08 [Farnord]: the Burning crusade content was not updated like the rest of it
20:39:12 [Lorole]: I find it very useful
20:39:12 [Lorole]: I find it very useful
20:39:48 [Tashidelek]: I embrace the challenge ( frustration)
20:39:57 [Pechakucha]: Hmm... these chairs were not make for bears
20:40:19 [Vargsdropi]: Occasionally I miss EQ
20:40:29 [Pantego]: me too.
20:40:35 [Pantego]: Then I look at screenshots.
20:40:42 [Pantego]: ...and I don't anymore.
20:40:47 [Pechakucha]: @vargs you can always go down to the tram if you miss killing rats [lol]
20:40:57 [Pantego]: ...and recall corpse-shuffles.
20:41:09 [Vargsdropi]: I actually liked those.
20:41:10 [Lorole]: I have used google to help me find some quests. Especially in the beginning when it was a cave.
20:41:13 [Tevye]: Oh god. I actually remember doing that
20:41:23 [Tashidelek]: absolutely - what would Nietzsche say
20:41:48 [Pantego]: ...farming...farming...farming...
20:43:42 [Pechakucha]: lol so pathetic.. they can't handle a few 100K users [lol]
20:44:12 [Aevallekin]: SL can't handle 200 on a server without going wonky
20:44:37 [Desraev]: because of the way they came through the backdoor of the game engine
20:45:07 [Pechakucha]: gelded or guilded?
20:45:15 [Tashidelek]: not sure
20:45:15 [Pantego]: o.O
20:45:16 [Desraev]: [Smile] guilded
20:45:22 [Tashidelek]: do we guild?
20:45:31 [Grandpachris]: dinner time
20:45:39 [Tashidelek]: Hey Thar!
20:45:44 [Tharwall]: hello
20:45:50 [Tharwall]: how is everyone
20:45:58 [Desraev]: Hey! [Smile]
20:46:10 [Tashidelek]: and we're on the other vent for Games Lab
20:46:52 [Tharwall]: kk - i'll swing by in a bit - my daughter is struggling with letting me pull out a lose tooth... [Smile]
20:47:04 [Tashidelek]: have fun
20:47:07 [Tharwall]: with whether or not she should let me;)
20:47:18 [Tashidelek]: hard core - us?
20:47:26 [Farnord]: lol
20:47:43 [Farnord]: just a few hard coress
20:49:02 [Tevye]: Hmm...are all the male Worgen males all werewolfy and the women just look like women?
20:49:14 [Tashidelek]: ah!
20:49:33 [Azif]: No, you can change from human form to animal form.
20:49:35 [Linyah]: Lol! No...but we can change from human to worgen
20:49:42 [Tevye]: Neato
20:49:45 [Azif]: However, in combat you convert to animal form.
20:50:12 [Pechakucha]: lol [lol]
20:50:20 [Pechakucha]: especially us druids [lol]
20:50:54 [Tashidelek]: Guild Elder?
20:51:22 [Tashidelek]: We need a cool yet imposing title for you Peggy.
20:52:40 [Farnord]: I also like 3dGamelab for WoW in school as well
20:52:56 [Vargsdropi]: 3DGameLab is such an exciting place.
20:53:05 [Lorole]: Peggy will we learn to set up quests for students to do\
20:53:09 [Farnord]: I just started in Jan up here in Canada
20:53:40 [Pantego]: (AFK)
20:54:18 [Vargsdropi]: You do you do
20:54:29 [Desraev]: lol! [Smile]
20:54:30 [Vargsdropi]: Totally pulling you two into a podcast at ISTE>
20:54:31 [Farnord]: lol
20:56:03 [Pantego]: (Back)
21:00:50 [Pechakucha]: lol [lol]
21:00:58 [Pechakucha]: software.. and SL is server space
21:02:19 [Azif]: Did you mention scroll of res.?
21:02:22 [Pantego]: Minecraft Chat Time!!!!
21:02:43 [Pantego]: .../dance
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#5914732 Apr 05, 2012 at 07:04 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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Funnily enough, I was able to attend, despite my initial schedule limiting me.

1. I liked the back and forth, and was reminded that there are people who are not as well-traveled in the game worlds as I am. I found myself wanting to shift gears from learner to teacher a few times. (MARATSADE: Perfect! That is also the behavior we hope to inspire in the classroom - switching roles! ;) )

2. I had no idea there were so many benefits to guild membership, both in bonuses to the character and to monitoring students in game.

3. I'm living up to my socializer classification in the "What type of gamer are you" test. I saw a bunch of people who do stuff together in game and tossed the $20 to WoW for the initial fee.
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#5914800 Apr 05, 2012 at 07:25 PM
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1. It's hard to have conversations like that when you can't identify the speaker.

2. There are a lot of things I have yet to learn. I had just gotten on before the meeting so there were things people were talking about that I haven't discovered yet.

3. We didn't really get to the discussion of what students are taking away from this experience when they are using it as part of class. I'm curious.

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#5914963 Apr 05, 2012 at 08:17 PM
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1. that WoW can be very intimidating for new players
2. I need to work on tweeking my Vent setup so that I can join in the conversation, and to that, I think that I should maybe be running WoW in the windowed setting so that I can see who is chatting on vent and what is going on in the vent chat with out alt-tabbing back and forth
3. I should have gotten the names of some of the new players to meet up with for questing groups through out the week :(
#5915187 Apr 05, 2012 at 09:37 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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Hey Cable! Great suggestions... If you go to the Forum for, It's a ...? All of the new players have checked in there with name and race and class :)
1. to window your WoW simply hit command m on a mac and on a PC there's no hotkey to do it that I know of. It has to be done in the video options screen if you want it done while you're playing or the Launcher video options screen if you haven't logged in yet and want it changed.
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#5915243 Apr 05, 2012 at 09:53 PM
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Hey, Cable, I'll quest with you! :) In fact, I just ran across my first quest that tells me that I SHOULD find some comrades to help me, so I was thinking the same thing. In fact, a question I'm wondering now is how DO people find a guild or questing companions if they don't walk into a ready made guild like we did?

So, three take-aways from our first Tavern meet...

1. That many avatars, with accompanying pets, assorted noises, background music, multiple conversations and overlapping HUDs, make for a very chaotic scene. I really didn't know where to look or what I should be seeing. Sometimes it was hard to hear the convo in Vent for the roaring of big cats, and what I think was the crackling of fire in the background. And there seemed to be several conversations going on at once, in different colors, in chat. For noobs, a less chaotic environment might help.

2. I think I learn better moving around and exploring things, actually trying them out rather than hearing about them. I know I won't be able to process some of the advice and ideas I got until I have a chance to try them out. It was great to see everyone pull out and examine a map, for instance, when Maratsade told us about the "m" key.

3. I am amazed and heartened to see how many teachers want to try new and innovative ways to reach students and aren't afraid to buck the stereotypes of video games as nothing more than a big waste of time!

#5915269 Apr 05, 2012 at 10:03 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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#5915187 Peggy Sheehy wrote:

on a PC there's no hotkey to do it that I know of. It has to be done in the video options screen if you want it done while you're playing or the Launcher video options screen if you haven't logged in yet and want it changed.

Where do you find the video options screen? I tried hitting escape and searching through the menu that pops up there, but I don't see "video" as an option.

MARATSADE: Hey Sukey! It is in the OPTIONS menu but it is under the GRAPHICS menu - not video (sorry)

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#5918706 Apr 06, 2012 at 02:57 PM
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I attended for as long as I could last night. Sorry I never got to actually see you guise - hehe.

1. I still don't know how characters were supposed to get to the tavern the first time. I ran as fast as i could and only died once in the tunnel. I will have my hearthstone in time for next meet up.

2. I am a creature of habit - even when I am a dwarf. I wanted to be a paladin again because that is what I know. But I accidentally selected dwarf rogue. I will try to be something new.

3. I still don't like voice in games. I don't mind listening to others but I prefer to use text when talking.
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#5919726 Apr 06, 2012 at 07:58 PM
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Awsome! Got it! Now I'll be able to watch Vent and the screen at the same time.
#5920454 Apr 07, 2012 at 01:04 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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Didn't make it to the session on Thursday, sorry!!

Having read the log and the posts, I have to agree from my limited experience in WOW that a bunch of avatars standing around together is confusing for a newb. It's hard to tell who the animals belong to, and whose doing what to whom!

I can imagine the confusion in Ventrilo as well with that many people involved at once. Tried Ventrilo for my first time this afternoon in Jibe, and it was great, but there were only 5 of us!

Made my avatar, and have gotten to Level 5, but still no sign of Stormwind on my map. Confused about how I'm supposed to get there, can someone give me directions or help out? I'm a gnome, so that's the area I'm in at the moment.

MARATSADE: Lynareth! I will be happy to help you out. As a Gnome, you start out very near some flight paths (Gryphon Masters) and you will already have flights available to you- one being to Stormwind. Here is sreenshot to help, but anytime you are in a fairly large town, you can ask a guard (guards with information will display a scroll over their head when you hover your mouse on them)

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#5929953 Apr 09, 2012 at 10:44 AM
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Takeaways from Thursday. (I thought about canceling Easter plans to attend Sunday but realized that I was thinking crazy---or was I?)
1. It is great to be part of a group. I have done my WoW individually and missed the companionship.
2. I am looking forward to developing learning experiences.
3. We are a fun and funny group!
#5930493 Apr 09, 2012 at 12:27 PM
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Take away from Sunday.
  1. It was cool to use Ventrilo, though I have a hard time talking because I feel I might interrupt... :)
  2. It was good to know several others had the same problems as myself in the beginning. I actually felt as though I could help others with their problems.
  3. I think using Vent will help me with dungeons....assuming the others use it as well.
  4. I did get some ideas that may help me with dungeons, which I really needed.
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I thought I was at the Pig and Whistle on Sunday, at about 1:30, but there was nobody there, so I must have been at the wrong site. Do all the inns have the same interior? And is there anyway to find a particular business in the city other than wandering around and hoping?
#5951624 Apr 12, 2012 at 07:35 PM
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#5931625 Sukey wrote:

I thought I was at the Pig and Whistle on Sunday, at about 1:30, but there was nobody there, so I must have been at the wrong site. Do all the inns have the same interior? And is there anyway to find a particular business in the city other than wandering around and hoping?

Have you noticed that there are often wooden signs outside businesses? If you mouse over them, they will tell you the name of the establishment. This helps if you aren't sure which inn you have found. (Also there was some confusion over times last Sunday. Odinsun and I were at the Pig and Whistle at around 3 pm Eastern.)
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#5979396 Apr 17, 2012 at 02:23 PM
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OK, so I haven't made a meet-up, but I'm finally guilded and hope to make one of the last two. I read the chat from the first one and look forward to being able to chat in person with what sounds like a great group. My take-aways:

  • A chat archive from a meet-up that also had voice chat is pretty hysterical to read. It's got me thinking of an idea for a play.
  • It's even hectic to read. It made me think that as we move towards more of this type of communication with students that we should craft lessons on things like this:
  • I totally feel left out and that it's my fault. Being the adult that I am, I'm over it (:)), but I wonder about side-effects of absenteeism when teenagers are involved. (That's a simple way of putting something that's probably it's own topic and needs appropriate attention. Maybe I'll journal it later.)
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#5993668 Apr 19, 2012 at 10:11 PM
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I was at the meetup on April 19th ... had to show up late, but finally made it!

Some great conversations in there.

1. I finally got to hear how WOW is being used in a lit course. Students are required to read a book that is the hero's story/arc. WOW is used to compare their experiences from WOW with the story the are reading. Books like Beowulf, LOTR, etc. I love the statement of the student asking if his book was appropriate and it was Jobs' biography. I need to go to the WOW in school wiki for more info.

2. Quite a bit of discussion about the amount of content in teacher camp and that we should not feel "we are behind" with whatever progress we are at. One of the main points of 3DGL is that students work at their own pace and choose which quest lines the do and do not follow. The only reason there is ever a deadline is because education is in the dark ages and we are stuck with HAVING to provide a grade on a date. We discussed whether or not people preferred the idea of teacher camps like we just had, or a monthly quest line becoming available. Response was mixed. In any case all of this content remains open to us.

3. Technically I think the meetup works well. The audio and chat was fine. I need to see if there are settings to reduce the HUD with people's names. In a large meetup it's pretty visually messy.
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#5996109 Apr 20, 2012 at 10:45 AM
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I was not able to participate in the meet-up for this, but the transcript made me wish I had.
1. Sounds like it was fun and good learning for all.
2. It's nice to see that the meet-ups involve lots of noobs (like myself) and plenty of patient folks with experience
3. WoW continues to feel like I am out of my depth - which I am sure I have students (and clearly there are other folks here) who would be willing to teach me, I am not yet familiar enough to see the educational applications for my own classes. Beyond just having fun. Perhaps it would be a good team-building exercise...
#8804752 Dec 05, 2013 at 07:27 PM
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There doesn't appear to be a tavern meet anymore but I will weigh in based on the conversation. I am a wow player already so I found I found it to be similar to what I find it like in chat when I am my guild chat in Ventrilo normally. Your extroverts will chat it up and your introverts or newbies will keep it quiet. I think that using ventrilo or any kind of social chat helps to bring your students together to collaborate. I wonder how the tavern chats will take into account the introverts in the crowd. Also, I find the tavern sometimes draws a lot of inappropriate conversations from outside people. At this time the tavern in Goldshire is super populated and my last visit made me hesitant to direct my students to go check it out. On the other hand, setting up a tavern meet at a less populated tavern might be interesting.
#9492050 May 10, 2014 at 09:27 PM
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I was able to make it to the Tavern Talk today and it was a great experience listening to Maratsade and gaining more of an insight into the WoW experience.
I learnt a lot about both the functions of Ventrilo and also the WoW User Interface - even though I have played for about a year now, there are still shortcuts and secrets which have been unfolded for me today. As a primary school educator I would be interested in the following:
1. How should I go about having students play in WoW - set up/licences/tags etc. I'm assuming that the school funds this?
2. Do the students only play in their Legacy Guild when accompanied by the GM during the hours they are completing curriculum or after class computer club work at school?
3. Do most people using WoW in school use a LMS like 3DGameLab as the place in which the learning quests are deposited?
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