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#5926603 Apr 08, 2012 at 02:50 PM
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I'm strongly considering having my students use Google blogs... maybe. I like the blogging site that I've used in the past with the students, because its darned hard to find... And the students can't post without my approval, comments also can't be posted without my approval.

But, it has no storage and we need to use a space like Flickr or Picasa to store photos.

I do an independent living unit with my students and it has evolved into a largely computer-based event, including blogging answers instead of submitting papers. I'd like to have them do even more of that using screen shots or saving things as a picture, maybe making movies using our iTouches... scanning items...
It would be a lot easier to do that with Google Blogs than the site we've been using.

I'm wondering if anybody knows if there is a way to duplicate some of the safety features from our other blog sites on the Google Blogs... we don't have Google for Education at school, and I have no money to spend on a site like EduBlogs.

#6279397 Jun 19, 2012 at 05:47 AM
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Hi Tera!
I agree. EduBlogs cost money. Not cool. I checked and couldn't find any "safety features" for Google's Blogger outside of using Google Apps in Edu as you said. My suggestion: and here's why:
  • despite it's elementary sounding name, it's robust enough to allow in-blog post uploading of images, video, audio, etc
  • you have lots of settings of if you want to have to approve every post or not, seeing all posts by user, user commenting ability, etc.
  • When students visit your class's blog, they pick their name from a dropdown menu, and add their password, which somewhat helps with login issues. See my class's example here: and click the "login" at the top.
  • You'll also notice you can't read any of my students' posts without logging in to MY class. It's nice that each school or teacher can make their own class blog and protect it. I know making their posts public would be great for mom and dad, feedback, etc...but potential legal issues when they are posting pictures, somewhat personal info, etc.
  • Free.
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