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#6005563 Apr 22, 2012 at 01:35 PM
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When asked to provide a URL, I first thought of many activities/online courses I've looked at that really lacked good universal design. However, most of those examples are not public URL's so I could not provide them. Obviously, many websites are out there displaying information in a one dimensional form. But in terms of sites used for learning, I immediately thought of the Khan Academy. At first thought, you would think of it as having 'bad UDL' because it is 1)online 2) in video 3) not really a 'class' context. However, I randomly picked a topic in the History section given that is my background and found this:
We all know that History is one of those topics that can be presented in really interesting ways or bore us to tears. I was pleasantly surprised by this particular video.
Good -- It is in video form but it is not just a person talking. Instead the focus of the video is the topic, not the presenter. The speaker breaks down the topics in 3 categories and uses color to color code them. Then underneath the categories, the speaker writes more information underneath each as they are talking and uses symbols. Symbol use is pretty good UDL if done in general symbols most will understand and can transcend problems for those who have hearing/reading issues.
Questions can be asked underneath the video and answers can be collaboratively given and rated. This helps listeners get more information when they are done with the video and be able to interact.
Bad -- It is a video. There is no real time interaction -- There is no opportunity to ask questions to get deeper information in real time.
The use of color is great... unless you are color blind and then it does not stand out to you as much in terms of categorizing.
Because the question/answer forum, there is no other opportunity to 'practice' what you have learned. Adding a interactive game or providing the information in another form would enhance this and give the participant a choice.
Ugly -- Not much ugly here. Ugly is listening to a teacher lecture on this same topic with NO words on the board, no color coding, no symbols, no variance in emotion in their speech :-)

Overall, it was much better than I initially thought it would be. The great thing about the Khan Academy is that you can use its strengths in a classroom setting and then add your own curriculum around it (or vice versa) to give a great UDL and solid learning environment.
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#6016890 Apr 24, 2012 at 11:27 AM
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A single website that provides a URL ia difficult to find. I think a combination of events within a classroom provide the best URL.
SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) uses many of the UDL strategies. Everyone in our district has been required to take the workshop. Observations by administrators are looking for pedagogy incorporating the SIOP model.
SIOP has steps designed to maximize learning which include:
1. Preparation- who and what do I want to teach
2. Build background – build links from previous knowledge to new knowledge
3. Comprehensible input-use a variety of techniques
4. Strategies-build up student’s thinking skills
5. Interactions-provide time for interactions and clarification
6. Practice/Application-activities and manipulatives for students to practice and include all language skills
7. Lesson Delivery-content and language objectives need to be incorporated into the lesson delivery along with high student engagement and appropriate pacing for each student
8. Assessment for learning-assess in a variety of ways to enable each student to show mastery
I, too, have to agree with the use of for use in the classroom.
I also use the Plato program for lesson delivery, practice/application and one form of assessment for learning. Both of these programs are good however, not as a stand-alone technique. I introduce a lesson, tie it to previous lesson, use a variety of delivery techniques, provide book work, worksheet, and computer practice time. Almost daily quizzes assess for learning. A good website needs to provide all of this.

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#14344607 Apr 19, 2020 at 03:38 AM
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Haila Mairy
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I don’t like many people work who just share the SAT class URL which points to direct home page of many website. Why they don’t share any accurate details of the links which can further give us more and exact details about posts?
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#14520953 Mar 03, 2021 at 04:03 AM
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It is in video form but it is not just a person talking. Instead the focus of the video is the topic, not the presenter. The speaker breaks down the topics in 3 categories and uses color to color code them.
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Your annotated bibliography is far more than just a simple list of references listed out to detail the author, the title and so on. The annotated part means that you either have to provide a summary of the document in question or you have to assess the work in relation to your specific topic and research.
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Sam Smith
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