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#7184807 Jan 04, 2013 at 07:38 AM
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Hi, My name is Mike Lipson, and I'm a technology electives teacher at Natick High School in Massachusetts. I teach Game Design, Electronic Music and Internet Management.

Design Experience

I enjoy working on programming projects outside of work, and I've been trying to learn new languages and try new platforms ever since I started learning Java three years ago for a course I was teaching. I've done a lot of work with web programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and a bit of MySQL), and more recently I'm attempting to learn Objective-C so I can do some iOS programming.

Favorite Apps

Learning - (web apps count, right?)
Communication - Tweetbot
Game - Mobile: Battleheart | Desktop: Mass Effect Series
Productivity - Things

Devices and Operating Systems

Mac OS X: iMac (Home), Macbook Pro (Work)
iOS: iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd Gen
Windows: Custom-Built Gaming PC

Why I'm Playing

I'm already pursuing programming projects in my spare time, but I'd like to learn as much as I can about the topic, especially because I'm planning on taking BSU's Mobile App Programming course next year. I've used and taught Java in the past, but I'm not familiar with Android development, so it'll be interesting to try something new.

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Hello! I'm Lori Dixon and I teach social studies (focus on Africa, Asia, Australia & the South Pacific, and Antarctica) to
7th graders at Wawasee Middle School in Syracuse, IN

Design Experience: basically none. I'm working on a web page for class, but it's a work in progress.

Favorite Apps: I'm not sure what differentiates an app from a website -that's how ignorant I am on the topic.
Education: YouTube and TeacherTube; CNN Student News
Communications: email, I'm experimenting with Edmodo
Game: I'm into Angry Birds at the moment, but I also play some PC games (which would not be apps)
Productivity: I must not be particularly productive; I have no good answer for this

Devices: Non-mobile: desktop PC with Windows. I have a cell phone, but it's a "dumb" phone (flip phone) - I'm too cheap to pay for a data plan at this time. I'm currently on a school-loaned laptop with Windows.

I'm playing this strand because I really want to know about apps, designing apps, and using them in class. This is the world in which most of my students live and eventually I'll have to pry open my wallet, upgrade our family of phones, and pay for a data plan). If I want to "gamify" my class, I need to understand these things and figure out how to incorporate them into my class.
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Hi all, I am Grace Windsheimer

I am a computer applications and education professor with a MET, so I have experience in learning and communication. I am taking this camp to get experience in gaming and ways to offer college level credit in a different platform.

For mobile devices I have an Andriod 4.0.4.

I am playing this strand for more information on designing applications.

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Hello, my name is Linda George. I teach technology and library media in a k-grade 5 school in Portsmouth NH. I have been teaching for 12 years. In my free time, I like to read and in the summer I enjoy camping. I have four grandchildren who also keep me very busy in that "free time!"

When in grad school I created a course on Legal, Ethical, and Societal Issues. I have also spent many hours using and learning about Scratch by MIT.

Favorite app for Learning: Scratch
Favorite app for Communication: Adium
Favorite app for a Game: Words with Friends
Favorite app for Productivity: Pinterest

-Tell us how many mobile devices you have and/or have access to, and what kind of OS (Operating System) they are -running.
--iOS-iPhone, Mini iPad, iPad
--Android, Transformer tablet
--Palm-no longer used

-Tell us why you are playing this strand!
Because it's part of the course! :)
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Hi there:

Sara Kaviar (Humanitarian) again. 7th/8th grade Humanities teacher in Los Angeles. Since August when I first did the App tutorials in 3DGL, I have started an App Club with my students during lunch. We have only a short period of time, but we have completed Hello Purr (changing it to Go Wolves - our mascot), Magic 8 Ball and a new Shooter App. The kids are loving it and I'm doing much better than I ever thought I would last summer! It is making more sense to me now and the kids are catching on quickly.

The MIT site has some great resources for educators, although sometimes they are a little hard to find.

I still haven't tried to make an app completely on my own yet, but I think we'll get there!

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H, my name is Lisa Triolo. I am a teacher (health, biology, environmental science...) and occupational therapist. My design experience is primarily focused on instructional design. Currently, I am creating a webpage through Weebly and I am trying to find the support to create a website for young adults and adults with special needs.

Learning: Besides using Khan, Ted, Discovery, and general searches for topics of interest. I would like to learn more about mobile learning apps.
Communication: email, weebly
Game: Mahjong, Jewel Mania
Productivity: beginning to explore google drive

I just got a Ipod and I have access to an IPAD and Android. I want to use more technology in the classroom. I am trying to become more aware of different applications and their utilities. I also need to find ways to make these technologies more available to my students. Progress is slow in my school district and I still have many students who have very limited access to technology.
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Hello Everyone:
I am Tracie Hightower and I support teachers in Integrating Technology within the classroom.
-I have extensive video & graphic experience with anything from AVID to IMovie, Photoshop, and Web 2.0 tools

--My favorite app for :
--Game: Where's My Water and so many others
--Learning: Nearpod
--Communication: Twitter
--Productivity: My Sketch

-iOS Operating Systems
--phones, ipads,

-As a Tech Coach, I am developing a curriculum to inspire students to become more creative with innovative teaching practices. This 3D Game Lab is at the top of my tool list.
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I am Bonni Jones and I teach mathematics at Pine View High School as well as Washington Online High School where I additionally teach computer tech. I have some programming experience. I have used Photoshop and similar programs.

I have an Ipad and an android phone. I haven't downloaded many apps yet. I like Dragon Box, a game that teaches algebra visually. I use an app for creating video lessons. I use the netflix app.

#7203620 Jan 08, 2013 at 01:13 PM
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Iam Janet and I teach Chemistry in high School.

This is a new experience to me and Iam thrilled.

Iam yet to create anything.

I have a iphone and ipad.

Iam exploring this whole new thing and hope to get a hold of it soon and utilize in my School
#7222103 Jan 12, 2013 at 04:32 PM
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Hello, my name is Sharon and I teach Software Design and Development to Year 11 and 12, IT to Year 9 and 10 and am ICT integration support for K-12.

I use a wide variety of apps for various purposes, but don't have any favourites. The kids really love Scratch from Year 3 to Year 10, but I am also looking at Alice as an alternative. They also love Flash and Quest Atlantis. I would love to do some more work with Minecraft and am just beginning to explore WoW as an option. But both take a lot of time to develop units of work. I really want primary school students to learn basic computer science concepts and programming, so they learn various problem solving skills whilst gaining a solid understanding of the technology so prevalent in their lives now.

I have an iPhone (currently loaned to my teenage daughter), a Samsung Galaxy II 4G, an iPad, 2 laptops (one Mac and one Win), and a desktop computer at home.

I am playing this strand because I want to experience all possibilities whilst being involved in Teacher Camp.

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My name is Jane Trkay, and I teach ESL/reading at a high school in North Texas.

I have had absolutely no experience with design. Well, I did do my master's portfolio as a web page; does that count?

-Share with us one/your favorite app in each of the following cateogry

I'm sort of behind the curve when it comes to apps. Of course, I use them, and I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting apps, but favorites? Gosh, I can't think of any that would qualify...maybe the one I use to make my grocery shopping list.

I have an iPhone and an iPad and they use ios.

Because I'm just going down the list and this was at the top. I figured, why not? I know I have a lot to learn.
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Hi, this is Soupy. I have experience designing my class website and my wordpress blog.

Favorite apps
--Learning: Touch Physics
--Communication: Twitter
--Game: NHL 2K12
--Productivity: Google Drive

-Tell us how many mobile devices you have and/or have access to, and what kind of OS (Operating System) they are -running.
--MacBook Pro, iPhone, 2 iPads, PC desktop (windows)

this is part of teacher camp!
#7226453 Jan 13, 2013 at 07:47 PM
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I am Megan Gray- I teach AP Biology and Marine Ecology.

-I have zero design experience;

-Share with us one/your favorite app in each of the following category

--Learning= Tide Free Data
--Communication= Facebook
--Game=Draw Something
--Productivity= Pinterest
-Tell us how many mobile devices you have and/or have access to, and what kind of OS (Operating System) they are -running.
--Apple iPhone running on ios5 (?)

-Tell us why you are playing this strand! I think I would like to learn more about it- will keep going
Megan Gray (Mermegan)
Tesoro High School
Las Flores, CA
Marine Ecology & AP Biology Teacher
#7288946 Jan 25, 2013 at 11:18 AM
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eric greene - adjunct faculty at community college level - retired from career in finance/accounting, for the past five years i have been teaching on line computer applications such as keyboarding, excel, and occasionally web design tools such as fireworks and dreamweaver - i think on line education is the future and hope to continue to improve my skill set in this area

i do not have a smart phone, they are cool but i can not afford the download charges, i have laptop and desktop computers running ubuntu - my favorite, W7 (on a netbook), W8, and the kindle android system on a fire hd

i've played many games in the past - seeing 'adventure' was a treat - the last decades have not left me much time or energy to get back into gaming - i prefer turn based games over real time

i've designed several on line classes using Moodle which is the schools preferred learning system

i've spent a little time in second life, i enjoy showing it to my grand kids who take to it intuitively, i've used second life as a teaching tool for group work in my dreamweaver class
#8225554 Aug 01, 2013 at 08:00 AM
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Wow, I went to look for the quest group today. When I couldn't find it (is it live yet?), I came here. I am BLOWN AWAY by how many intros there already are in this thread! Can't wait to see the cool things we make!

Introduce yourself
My name is John Weldy. I am a 7th grade math teacher at a charter in South Bend, IN. This year is my 2nd full year teaching. I'm a career changer, having worked 12 years in IT. More info on my blog at

Share with us any kind of design experience (instruction, graphic, programming, app etc.) you have had so far
I had enough programming classes to realize I'm not that great at it. I know enough to be a proponent of programming in schools, though. I've also had instruction and some practical experience in web design and graphics. I worked computer technical support for 12 years.

Share with us one/your favorite app in each of the following category

Learning: Dragon Box, unquestionably. Nothing else even comes close. This app turns Algebra into a puzzle game that is FUN and ADDICTIVE! Very few high-level math games are actually good games.
Communication: Facebook and Twitter
Game: I'm a boardgamer and love apps that simulate physical board and card games like Magic 2014, Ascension and Agricola
Productivity: Google Drive and Popplet

Tell us how many mobile devices you have and/or have access to, and what kind of OS (Operating System) they are running.
iOS: several personal devices. My wife and I each have an iPad Mini and an iPod Touch. My kids have our handed down iPad 1s.
Android: Our school is 1:1 with KUNO Tablets

Tell us why you are playing this strand!
I believe as technology grows, especially with the rise of 3d Printers, it is essential that every student be able to program. I plan on running a cross-curricular App Design project-based learning (PBL) unit for my 7th graders in the first quarter, followed up by using Bootstrap, a 20-30 hour curriculum that teaches Algebra through game programming.
John Weldy
7th Grade Math Teacher
South Bend Career Academy
Twitter: @johnweldy
#8226754 Aug 01, 2013 at 11:44 AM
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Welcome, John! Thanks for sharing with us your passion!
I'm glad you have access to Android tablets so you can test your apps on device.
#8227184 Aug 01, 2013 at 01:04 PM
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I am Karen "Figment" and I teach at the college level. I received a US DoE grant to support teachers K-8 of language learners in STEM areas and have partnered with 4 dual language programs in the state.
I have designed websites and courses for my college classes but have '0' experience in graphic and programming design. I REALLY need a good timeline app - much like Dipity that allows teachers and students of all ages to add video/images/websites/text to their timeline so...I want to create an app!
My favorite apps per category:
Learning - Popplet/SimpleMinds for brainstorming ideas and sharing out prior knowledge and iDesk for graphic organizers.
Game - Stack the states - my kids know EVERYTHING now! - there new fav is MineCraft
Tell us how many mobile devices you have and/or have access to, and what kind of OS (Operating System) they are running.
I have two laptops - 1 PC and 1 MACbook, an iPad and teach in an iPad classroom, an iPhone

Tell us why you are playing this strand! - REALLY need a good timeline app!!! :)
#8227451 Aug 01, 2013 at 01:50 PM
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Introduce yourself

I've been teaching high school math for 8 years now. I started a robotics club that has participated in Vex and FIRST competitions and we've also worked with Lego NXT's, Arduino's and RoboRealm software for video/robotic applications. I got excited about engineering when I was a student in high school taking a vocational electronics class. My teacher introduced me to the Hero I robot, the Sinclair DIY computer and the VIC20. I've been programming in a variety of computer languages since that time.

Share with us any kind of design experience (instruction, graphic, programming, app etc.) you have had so far;

I am an Android phone user, but I also own an iPad. I have tried creating apps using App Inventor and Java for the Android and also Xcode for the iPad. A couple of years ago, I was trying out a new development system called Corona SDK and I love it. I have used Corona to develop two apps that are on both the Android and iPhone app store (Monican Math, a simple math game; and Oh Behave!, a behavior management system for teachers).

Share with us one/your favorite app in each of the following cateogry
Learning: Dragonbox

Communication: Facebook, Gmail, Facetime, Google+, Skype

Game: Rush Hour

Productivity: Notability

Tell us how many mobile devices you have and/or have access to, and what kind of OS (Operating System) they are running.
iOS: iPad (3rd generation)
Android: S3
Symbian: none
Palm: in the olden days...
Others: PC, Macbook Pro, several older laptops with Puppy Linux!

Tell us why you are playing this strand!
Where else will I find teachers that are interested in creating apps?
Be curious!
#8227482 Aug 01, 2013 at 01:57 PM
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#8226754 Dr. Hsu wrote:

Welcome, John! Thanks for sharing with us your passion!
I'm glad you have access to Android tablets so you can test your apps on device.

So, does this mean the Android tablets would probably not work well for designing the apps with App Inventor?
John Weldy
7th Grade Math Teacher
South Bend Career Academy
Twitter: @johnweldy
#8227617 Aug 01, 2013 at 02:28 PM
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My name is Mike Phelan. I am a Tech Facilitator at Manteo High School on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is my second year, and I am excited to get back into it.

I have designed a few webpages using Drupal and Wordpress. I am an amateur photographer so I use a lot of Adobe products. I started with Gimp before I could afford Photoshop. My students and I designed and app last year on a web IDE called ApplicationCraft. I have done a fair amount work in Scratch and that is why I love the App Inventor.

I use the app inventor with a Nexus 10, a Nexus 4, and a GS3. I also have a Droid 2.
For iOS I have a iPad2 and a 5th Gen iPod Touch.
As the tech guy I have a wide array of computers. Macs, PCs running XP, 7, 8, and Linux (Ubuntu, and Mint).

My favorite learning app is Show Me interactive whiteboard for iPad. You can record lessons and embed them on an lms for easy classroom flipping.
Communication is Google+ all the way.
It is hard to ask what my favorite game is. I am a huge PC gamer. But since this is a mobile app class I will just talk about those. Infinity Blade I and II are the best looking games on the Ipad. World of Goo is a lot of fun too.
I use the Google Docs app for productivity along with Workflowy. I keep trying to get into Evernote, but it's not happening.

I am playing this strand because I will be using App Inventor this year with students and I want to get some cool Ideas.