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Welcome to Tech Integration! Reply to this thread with answers to the following:
  1. Name and what you do for a living
  2. What are your favorite tech tools you use already?
  3. What tech tools do you want to know more about?
  4. (optional) your Twitter name. (I.E. mine is @GarlicSuter), website, or blog

A Note on Twitter:
If you don't already use Twitter, sign up! Use it to share your experiences, wins and fails. In regards to 3DGameLab, your post should always include a #3dgamelab somewhere. If you want to make sure I see it, include #garlicsuter too.
Sample Twitter post you might make:
"I signed up for a free MIT course! Anyone else taking CS50? #3dgamelab #garlicsuter"
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Hi my name is Tracie Hightower and I am a Educational Technology Specialist in Michigan. I am so excited to particiapte in this upcoming camp. I use a wide array of Web 2.0 tools. I recently completed the M.Ed programs at Wilkes Univ and Discovery Channel. I use tools such as Voicethread, Slideshare, Animoto, Google Docs, Prezi, Pollseverywhere, and many more.

I hope to gain a better understanding of the potential and application of gaming in the learning environment. I just started a meetup in my local community. #gamify_learning. Let the games begin!
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@Flipper: Great to have you Tracie! Where did you get your avatar from, I love it!
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Hi my name is Deb Poulson and I am working at a middle school in Pocatello, Idaho and also I teach online for IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Academy. I attended the August 2011 camp, tried to attend the Spring 2012 camp and now am attending this camp. I would like to refresh and start my integration of game design in both learning environments (f2f and online). I focused a lot of my energy in the WOW and really got frustrated. I still really like Second Life but would like to get better (I see there is a new platform this time for virtual learning).

I posted this here as a requirement for a quest. Hope this is the right place.

Look forward to learning more.
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I'm Mary Ellen Cooper, an elementary special education teacher in Winston Salem, NC. Last year was my first year out of the resource room and into my own classroom, grades 2/3.

My participation in Teacher Camp has been much like pouldebo's! I loved the quest strands I was able to do last summer. Though I could not implement 3DGameLab as a system in my classroom, I did try to find ways to use "game elements" where it made sense to support my students' engagement (and, yes, their "fun"). I was also able to start a Minecraft club after school for a small group of 4th grade students. I believe I have our administrator's approval to expand its scope this coming year.

In spite of my interest, I really have not integrated technology very well into my classroom. Last year, for the first time, I did have a Promethean board, so was able to use "borrowed" and adapted flipcharts to support some of my instruction. However, I did not begin to tap the potential of that tool, and have recently taken a workshop to improve my skills there.

As I plan for the new year (almost here!), I am trying to better understand and use the tools I have available to design our classroom environment and provide more engaging instruction. I'm looking forward to working through the Tech Integration quests!

Oopsie. My 3DGameLab name is VeraLuz.
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Hi Deb!
I moved your reply to this thread for you.

If you're looking for ways to have your students try DESIGNING video games, check out my list of tools for students to make video games.

Garlic (Mark Suter)
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Hi, All!

My name is Erica Holan. I wear many hats for a living, figuratively speaking ;)

I am...
  • the Assistant Director of the Kean University Writing Project (KUWP), a site of the National Writing Project.
  • a PhD in Education student at Rutgers University (almost ABD!)
  • a research assistant in a small cohort led my my PhD adviser. Our cohort wrote three online courses together that comprise an Educational Technology Certificate program upon completion.
  • an instructor of a graduate level, online course, entitled Web-Based Multimedia Design for Educators at Rutgers. This is the second of the three courses that comprise the Ed Tech certificate.

The first course in the three course series is all about introducing teachers to "digital tools and technologies" so I've picked up quite a bit along the way. I have been exposed to many, but have select tools that I use frequently.

Screencast-o-matic is my best friend, and probably will be for life. As an online instructor, I use it to "illustrate" things to my students, and to create videos and presentations for them. I think screencasting is probably one of my most favorite tools, besides emails and texting of course. is a website creator, not an official "tool" per se, but I like it, a LOT. It has its pros and cons, but overall, it's been very useful. It's the platform I used to build a website that I created for the teacher fellows of the KUWP.

I do use Twitter, in a professional capacity, as strange as that may read. At first I thought it was kind of lame, because I saw most of my friends following celebrities talking about their day (like I care, or have the time, to read about celeb's habits!). When someone at a conference mentioned using it for picking up tips and tricks for pedagogical reasons, I thought, "They may be on to something here..." I created an account a few weeks later and have been using it every sense (more reading than posting).

I'd heard of LiveBinders, but never used them before. I downloaded the tool to my Bookmarks bar, and I look forward to becoming more acquainted with it through these quests!

I'm also looking forward to exploring all the tools for gamification purposes! I was inspired by your intro, Mark! I'd also love to interview you for my dissertation study (along with anyone else who would be kind enough to help me graduate ;)***


***I apologize for the shameless plug :( Sometimes that PhD cap is a bit too snug on my head...:B
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Great so far. I can see that I will be learning a lot.
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Hello Garlic and all

I'm a teacher-librarian and technology coordinator for a 5-6 grade school on an island near Seattle. I'm collecting my experiences on a page on my blog which is

I tweet professionally at @katellisonsea

I like lots of stuff including GoogleDocs, Google Earth (no one says that they like this anymore...why is that?), and Moodle. Part of what I'm trying to do this summer is to come up with a list of Web 2.0 tools that teachers can use without having to get students to create their own accounts and use their own e-mail addresses.
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I'm Shelley Jenkins. I teach computer classes at 4 elementary schools surrounding Grand Teton National Park
in Wyoming. I also do tech training, tech integration help for teachers, and whatever else. I run a
school garden, which has sadly been attacked by voles and moles this year. Pictures of the garden/ outdoor classroom.

I heard about this program from Boise State Edtech, while I was finishing a master's degree in edtech last year.

I used platform for collaborative classroom projects, but they are shutting down this year, bummer!
I saw a new platform called, so I'm trying that.
Love to teach kids how to find their way on Google Earth, also have been doing some stuff with
Scratch animation programming from MIT. Planning to get going with Glogster this year, I hope.
I'm planning to amp up my projects with audio/recording/ video with Garageband.

I am always working on our list of appropriate, royalty-free, classroom friendly graphics and photos. HERE

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Hi my name is Tim Grace
I am a senior executive for a curriculum developer.
My background for the last 15 years has been in curriculum and publishing but I have over twenty years experience as a programer/system designer.

My favorite tech tools at the moment are of course my android phone (finally linux in the mainstream).
I am playing with ToonBoom and Living Actor right now. We are doing a lot with adding tech tools to our activities so I am playing with a lot of different stuff.

I want to know more about any tech tools, always have. I am a gadget hound from way back.

@chmtcg But my twitter feed is pretty boring, I get very involved in what I am doing and have moved on to the next exciting thing before I remember to tweet it.
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@erica – love the screencast-o-matic. Looks like a solid web-based screen capture tool. I am adding it to Tuesday’s Tech Tools Tour. Would love to chat sometime. and we’ll coordinate a time to be on ventrillo (set up ventrillo for 3dGameLab) or Google chat.

@LibraryKat – I DO love Google Earth. It seems when novelty wears off we tend to start looking for another tool even though we’ve already found it. Also, not to discourage you, but many of my favorite web apps/web 2.0 tools require an email confirmation of some kind. Couple ways around this:
  • If you the teacher has a Gmail account you can use a little-known trick: if your gmail is, and you have 10 students to register for something, make the first student’s email and you will still get it in the jennysmith@gmail address. You can add anything after the + including text. See more info here:
  • The other way around it is to actually give your students controlled email via I use this for all my middle schoolers. You have to jump through some hoops to get your free account set up (including a required webinar where they walk you through features) but it was WELL worth it as there are tons of monitoring controls.

@daisy – I’ve been looking for a non-creepy way to match up with some other schools around the world, thanks for the suggestion! Great to have you.

@Tim – You have some experience with animated characters… I’ve been searching for the tool that made these animated hand-drawn cutouts here:
Any idea what that was done with?
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My name is Kristin Lange. I teach English and Spanish to highshool students in Denmark. Am very much interested in finding ways to boost student motivation. And game principles and technology could do some of the job.

I have created my own Moodle-site:, that I have experimented a bit with. So far I have mainly used it for sharing links and documents with my students. Would like, though, to start making activities also, and think that it might be possible to apply game principles, like a progress bar and points to Moodle also.

I have been looking around for mobile apps that are useful for learning language, and there are quite a few, but none that I find all that convincing.

I use dropbox a lot (but not so much with my students). I like Prezi, and have also used, (for scheduling), (where you can make you own games and quizzes for your students and also use other teachers' activities). Have also used - (for sharing documents) . Will be checking out googledrive and schooltube. Have been introduced to audacity, but have not felt the urge to use it, and with all the smartphones around, it might be easier to use them for recording speach.

Would probably be good to check out live binders to keep track of all those links. :-)

I do have a twitter account, but don't use it much, so I won't include that here.
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My name is Anna Smith. I am the project guide (responsible for the project-based portion of our curriculum) at a small school in Austin, TX - we are going into our fourth year with elementary students and our first year with middle school students this fall. Some tools I've used a lot are Google Docs, Google Sites, wikispaces, blogger, youtube. As a school we've also started using voicethread and pathbrite for our student portfolios. I am interested in everything! One new tool I am hoping to use with my students this coming year is Gamestar Mechanic. I also don't use twitter yet, but you may have just convinced me to finally start. Our class's informal website is
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My legal name is Melissa Getz. My history is convoluted because I have Multiple Sclerosis and it tends to complicate things more than I want it to. I am in the process of updating my website, EmbraceChallenge, so if you want to see some of my ideas or curriculum from my past, please visit. I have not updated it to include what I've learned in the past 2 years so as of this moment, you won't see links to my Moodle courses or BSU EDTECH schoolwork.

I've been attending BSU since last summer and just finished my core classes for the MET. Now I get to play with the electives which makes me very happy. There is still so much more for me to learn.

I am no longer in a confined classroom and am searching for teaching positions in online clasrooms. If you happen to work for a virtual school and they are looking for a science teacher, please let me know. I taught chemistry, biotechnology, and variations of those courses in the traditional classroom for 12 years. I've spent the last 2 years taking classes online, getting credentials in various states so that I can teach kids in those states, and been trying to figure out the trick to getting hired as a virtual teacher for students in a state in which I do not physically live.

I am here because I would love to figure out how to make an interactive virtual high school chemistry course. I don't know if this is the best quest for me, but it looks like a good place to start. I look forward to learning!
#6503644 Aug 05, 2012 at 06:06 PM
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Hi all. My name is Dayna Ellis and I am a Spanish and French teacher for Grades 9-12. I try to use as much tech as I can in class, but they have all been pretty superficial (youtube, quia, etc.) and never something that I have created myself specifically for the class. I really want to start using Second Life with my kids as it could be a great tool for language learning. I also want to add Google docs to the class to get them working collaboratively on task. My kids all have laptops in class, so I really need to start working at taking advantage of them.

#6503843 Aug 05, 2012 at 07:19 PM
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@krizla – Moodle is great, free, and my theory is it if works for you and you’re comfortable with it, then that is the best tool for you. I haven’t seen any add-ons for Moodle that add a progress bar or points, but maybe a hybrid of Moodle and 3DGameLab would mesh well?

@Amaryllis – I enjoyed GameStar Mechanic with my 5th graders. Anything above 8th grade would be too old for the material in my opinion. I started here and had a good experience:
Love the Google Site!

@ntropi – like the name. Changing the status quo? Yes please. I don’t have any virtual teaching connections, but I know BSU is one of the few places that offers an online teaching certificate.
I know Khan Academy is often recommended for teaching/learning with interactivity for Math/Sciences, but the new “Coach” ability makes tracking/evaluating/planning easier. Start here:

@libellullis – Love Google Docs, and if they already know Microsoft products, Skydrive with web-based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are pretty sweet. Also, if you are feeling adventurous…I bought $10 worth of Skype credit one time and had my students look up how to say phrases using Google Translate, then we looked up various pizza places/restaurants in France and called them using Skype and tried to ask questions about various foods. You could record it, then have them “translate” the parts they didn’t understand. They were INTO it. Very fun and lets them feel in charge of a project.

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My name is Rebecca (Rascal) and I develop and teach online courses for a variety of colleges, write and design curriculum, and am a MET student at Boise State University.

I use collaborative wiki tools for group projects, and also engage students with chats, VoiceThread, and blogs. I like using Jing to showcase and provide extra help for students who need a step by step breakdown. I also use Eyejot to post video messages in my class.
I would like to know more about using video and the easiest/best presentation and virtual platforms. I have tried Elluminate and WebEx, but wonder what else is out there.

My Twitter link is @EdTechO
#6517806 Aug 08, 2012 at 07:48 AM
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My name is Adriana Sanchez. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am a teacher trainer and instructional designer.
My favorite tools are Voicethread, Dipity, LiveBinders, Readability... and a thousand more.
I want to learn more on how to use WoW for educational purposes.
I am interested in both teaching K-12 and in-company training programs.
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Matt Dandola, from Greenwich, CT here. I teach 6th grade science and English at an independent school in Greenwich. I love the Google apps suite, especially Docs/Drive and Sites. I also seriously dig edmodo.
I want to learn how to develop machinima, learn more about minecraft, as well as, of course, become proficient in 3DGL.