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#6482246 Aug 01, 2012 at 02:25 PM
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BrainHoney is on the docket for the next school year as our LMS. I've been creating vodcasts and learning activities. I would like to use 3D as well. A vodcast on ways to elaborate a topic moves quickly, but the students who need it repeated can just press a key. Ka-ching. There it is for them to hear again.

I think that 3D game lab will work for those skills that not all students need to review. Students could check in for the punctuation and usage rule practice that they needed.

Some of my students also need review on roots and affixes. 3D would be a great place for that. I can even imagine using Xtranormal for some of that!

BrainHoney puts all students through the same activities. 3D gives students choice. I might sound crazy, but I think the two will work together well in my school context.
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