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#6588501 Aug 20, 2012 at 08:40 PM
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How can I use the Discovery Education videos purchased by Idaho in 3D Game Lab? I tried a couple of things in this quest: Who, or what, did that? (identifying verbs). I embedded the URL, but I don't get the video, This could be because there is something in the URL that forbids it. I am thinking this is so because when I placed the URL there as a link, all that the students get is something requiring them to login. (I have left both of these attempts in the quest so that you could see what I have done.) However, the state doesn't have student logins yet. Still, their might be a way around all of this. As the teacher, I can download the video file. This means that I could email it elsewhere. If I have the downloaded file, is there a way to get its embed code or store it elsewhere so that I can use Discovery Education? The state of Idaho has spent a large sum of money so that these videos could be used in our classrooms, so my use is legal. Can you help me to learn how I can take this file that I have downloaded and make it accessible to students through 3D Game Lab?
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