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#13138067 Mar 18, 2017 at 05:45 PM
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I will be using our schools policy on online identity.
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Who will you be in 3D GameLab? Will you use an avatar name and picture and be anonymous or real, or will you use a real life picture and name?

Being an avid gamer, I have already created my avatar based on a character I play in another game. In my opinion, this will also provide my students with a more authentic gaming experience versus knowing their teacher is always looking after them!

Is there an AUP (acceptable use policy) or behavior guidelines that guide you or your students' online identity in your institution? Share a URL or attachment on the "Who Will You Be?" discussion thread.

My institution has a list of guidelines that students are required to follow in reference to their online presence and digital citizenship. They are required to be just as respectful and honest online as they are expected to in class.

What guidelines or resources will be provided to your students or parents to help them consider their protection of their online identity and their reputation management? Include a URL(s) or attachment in the discussion thread.

The parent/student handbook has the above listed guidelines listed with a place for both the student and parent to sign advising they understand the expectations and are aware of the consequences if they choose not the abide by these guidelines.
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Our school has an AUP and professionalism requirements for teachers.
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I will be using my school district's AUP policy, which is linked here.
I will use the article "Building and Keeping a Positive Online Identity" to help my students understand how to manage their online identity and how to secure their personal information. The article will be jigsawed on the second day of school and will be sent home in full to parents.
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I will use my district's AUP, pasted below, and will incorporate digital citizenship and online identity lessons into our early days in the school year.

Access to the District’s system is a privilege, not a right.
 District computer/network/Internet usage shall not be considered confidential and is subject to
monitoring by designated staff at any time to ensure appropriate use.
 System users are required to maintain password confidentiality by not sharing their password with
others. System users may not use another person’ssystem account.
 A student who gains access to objectionable material is expected to discontinue the access as quickly as
possible and to report the incident to the supervising teacher.
 Modifying or changing computersettings and/or internal or external configurationsis prohibited.
 Students may not install software or hardware to district systems.
 Use of the system for promoting activities or events for individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with
or sanctioned by the District is prohibited.
 You may not use district resources for Political Lobbying, Forgery or Junk Mail/Chain Letters.
 Use of the system for any type of income‐generating activity is prohibited. Advertising the sale of products,
whether commercial or personal is prohibited.
 Students must always respect copyrights and trademarks of third‐parties and their ownership claims in images,
text, video and audio material,software, information and inventions.
 Students may not redistribute or forward confidential information.
 Deleting, examining, copying, or modifying files and/or data belonging to other users, without their permission
is prohibited.
 Cyber bullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassing, teasing,
intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another student or staff member by way of any technological tool,
such as sending or posting inappropriate or derogatory email messages, instant messages, text messages,
digital pictures or images, or website postings (including blogs) which has the effect of:
o Physically, emotionally or mentally harming a student;  
o Placing a student in reasonable fear of physical, emotional or mental harm;  
o Placing a student in reasonable fear of damage to or loss of personal property; or  
o Creating an intimidating or hostile environment that substantially interferes with a student’s
educational opportunities.
 District students are bound by all portions of the District’s Acceptable Use Guidelines.
#13349653 Jul 14, 2017 at 11:29 AM
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Our students and parents have to sign the district's acceptable use policy. We have provided parent seminars on online student safety.
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This is the policy at the school I teach at.

Acceptable Use and Internet Agreement

I will be using the student handbook and perhaps information from Netsmartz Internet safety
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I will use the Dept of Education's guidelines for students' online privacy: