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#8381136 Sep 01, 2013 at 09:16 PM
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Since I posted this originally in the journal I wanted to include Wes' great question response.
Great ideas. How has this been working for you?
Here is my response.
This worked really well with high school students. I did this for a month before we began the GameLab. I tried to break the information into sequences so they gradually got everything they needed. They practiced at those different levels, then always finished with something that applied what they were learning to a real life challenge.
#8395631 Sep 04, 2013 at 07:21 PM
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1. Don’t make all the decisions
I have a hard time with this one. I will give students choice in how to accomplish certain tasks, but my curriculum is pretty much set and I have to follow it.

2. Don’t play guess what’s in my head

I do this a little better by asking open-ended questions that revolve around students interests and opinions.

3. Talk less

I am all for that! I have never been a big lecturer and my introverted personality lends itself well to this.

4. Model behaviors and attitudes that promote learning.

By the end of the year my students will know that I often respond with an "I don't know, I will have to Google it." or "That is quite interesting, can you Google it?"

5. Ask for feedback

Most of the feedback I get is orally. I will ask if they enjoyed a certain story or liked and activity we did. This is probably unreliable as some students will not be honest for fear of hurting my feelings. Second graders can be surprisingly considerate.:)

6. Test less

Got this one down! I have very few tests if you do not count AR tests.

7. Encourage goal setting and reflection.

This is a lesson I do for New Years, but I really should be doing it in September!

8. Don’t over plan.

I have a fairly planned week. I need to keep my job for now, so this is not an option.

9. Focus on learning, not work.

This one is also hard for me. I even call it work during the day. I am good about not having tons of worksheets.

10. Student led conferences

This is not going to happen for my second graders.
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