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Download (or make a copy in Google Drive) and complete this “Developing a Lesson Using OERs” worksheet. Check out these examples to help you along:
  • Shelley Example
  • Matt Example
Copy/paste, upload, or link to your completed worksheet in the Guild Forum. Before submitting your final/complete worksheet, consider posting a draft first (be sure to earn points with the “Draft a Complete Lesson Plan” quest). Learn from others by giving some feedback to your fellow players (be sure to earn points with the “Reviewing and Providing Feedback Complete Lesson Plan” quest).

Please be sure to include DRAFT or FINAL at the top of your page so folks know what to comment upon.
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#9626901 Jun 12, 2014 at 07:59 AM
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#9624771 Fhsunshine78 wrote:

Looking for feedback.

GREAT job finding resources to help teach this lesson/unit on Scratch. I'm glad you are thinking about ways to make the material accessible for all. I love the example you started building. If you are wiling to share, I'd like to see your final assignment prompt/instructions for what the students will build.

I'm wondering if you might find a static (handout) or video resource that shows students how to use EasyBib. You might also find the same type of instructions on how to locate CC licensed media. I know you'll show them how to do this; however, if they are doing it as homework (?) an extra "just-in-time" resource might help. Might you use something like Google Docs as a play to keep everything together (environment) so that they might reference it all later?
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