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#8929787 Jan 07, 2014 at 10:45 PM
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#8924688 Kate Hagerty wrote:

Parts that worked well: I liked the puzzle aspect of it. The tools within Minecraft were used very creatively. I especially liked the TNT room. I have not played with redstone switches that much, so it was very cool watching them work. It reminded me of YouTubes of redstone calculators I've seen.

Because I am a newcomer and have not worked with a lot of materials within Minecraft, I'm not sure what the system can do, therefore I know I do not appreciate all the creativity that went into building the puzzles in the game. This was less true in SL where I did build some so could appreciate some of the more creative/ingenious builds.

I wonder if this is something that happens a lot to players coming from console or computer games that do not contain a sandbox component? Or maybe it's just me?
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#8938428 Jan 09, 2014 at 08:08 PM
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Well I did not make it very far. I finally had to stop so I could continue with the quests. I will definitely revisit this to try and complete.

The challenges were difficult, but I think there was enough learning from failure to be able to move on.
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#8941225 Jan 10, 2014 at 12:55 PM
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I was so excited to finally be able to load this map after days of crashes freezes and frustration on how to do this, that I did not mind drowning and/or being killed by Zombies. If at first (by first I mean the first ten attempts) you don't succeed-follow the YouTube tutorial in a painstakingly slow manner. My next to-do list will be brain surgery, ha.
Have I mentioned the drowning and zombie deaths? I was still there when I decided I did need at least 8 hours of sleep to recuperate. I think I could eventually get through this, but I really don't have the time to invest.
#8951434 Jan 13, 2014 at 12:52 AM
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I'm new to Minecraft, so after a few beginner's tutorials at the Minecraft site, I dove into the Mayan Adventure.
I quickly realized that after I got started, I needed to to actively seek out information on my own. Where do I store the downloaded minecraft world folder? How do I set the gamemode for Adventure? How do I switch camera views? How do I activate inventory items? How do I open up chests? What is an ender chest? This was a also good way to practice some fundamentals - jumping, walking, running, using inventory items, etc. Holding the space bar prevented me from drowning, which I learned the hard way after leaving the first island of departure. So, all in all, this was a good way to get a novice like myself familiar with this game.

1) First of all the good points. I really like the atmospherics that this game designer applied to the Mayan Adventure. There was a heavy rain falling when I began, and night was falling very quickly. I loaded a bunch of boats into my inventory, and took one of them past a series of lighted beacons across some wide stretches of water to the opening of the Mayan buildings. It was a dramatic and enticing way to begin the adventure. Following this opening section, the designer seemed to be paying attention to the lighting and atmospherics. Minecraft has limited tools for doing this, and the developer made good use of what he/she had. While the story line was somewhat ordinary, I like the way it was woven into the overall experience as a series of short written communications to the player.

2) Some of the puzzles worked well for me, while others were somewhat confusing. For example, I liked the TNT room where Redstone connectors were supposed to drive a change that detonated the explosives. I got the connectors to work, but the wooden mounting devices (??) on the TNT cabinet were just plain confusing.
I ended up setting the explosives off with a fire starter, rather than the Redstone connectors. I was able to battle off zombies with fire starters and my wooden board, but the parkour (Section 5, I believe) stumped me. I just got stuck there, and couldn't find a solution. As others have said in this discussion, I would've like to have a clearer way to re-spawn or do redo a section. I also just wanted to reboot the game and start from scratch, but it turned out that I needed to replace the game with the original downloaded folder. That's why game companies do usability tests before releasing their products to the public. It's a tricky and painstaking process, and requires some dedicated game testers.

3) The game seemed to me to have been developed by some who's very young (based on the written text), and when I checked out the developers YouTube site (TechDeckTrainer35), it featured an 11 year old boy shooting a basketball at a tall hoop. If the Mayan Adventure was developed by an 11 year old, I'm totally impressed! The amount of work that went into building, problem solving, programming, story design, interactivity, and staging was incredible - especially if it was done by one person. I went to a site that Lucas had recommended (MumboJumbo), which has other numerous examples of really well designed worlds. MumboJumbo just celebrated his 18th birthday, according to his YouTube site.

The attached image shows the section where I got stumped, which seems to have given others a similar challenge.

#8958268 Jan 14, 2014 at 10:20 AM · Edited over 7 years ago
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When I first started playing Minecraft not too long ago, I was surprised at how little an introduction and tutorial were available in-game to help the player. Most of my time in the game has actually been spent digging deep and long tunnels and building towers to survey the land. In the jump puzzle room of the Mayan Temple map, I ended up breaking through the glass floor tiles and falling into the ocean. I was surprised that the actual temple was not actually a big square building as the facade appeared, but rather it is a winding path of rooms and halls. While playing, I really felt as if I were moving through a solid temple.

1. What parts of the adventure map worked well? Why?
I thought each room provided interesting challenges and had its own feel. Especially after seeing the design from outside of the temple, I appreciate the attention to detail and the path the creator made. Additionally, I really liked that there were some hidden treasures around the rooms/hallways. Initially, I couldn't figure out how to ride the minecart in room 1, so I just ran along the tracks. I found a hidden chest. Also, the traps and triggers worked well so I learned a bit about how to use redstone just by viewing the design.

2. What would you change if you were to customize this map? Why?
The major problem that I had was that the game didn't allow checkpoint restarts. I had to kill my character several times because I was caught in a loop, such as the sandbox room hallway. Sometimes, I had to suffocate myself on a wall to respawn at a checkpoint. This situation caused a lot of trouble. Actually, the game trapped me in the sandbox room, so I could do nothing to try again unless I started from the beginning. Another time, I got knocked off a ledge early on and could not jump back onto the minecart tracks. Also, I thought that the story did not promote a narrative or situate the gameplay into a broader story. I felt like the story books were just mocking me, which though amusing did not really keep my interest long.
#9008060 Jan 25, 2014 at 10:11 AM
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This was really fun. I am a fairly new Minecraft user so I had some frustrations of not knowing how to do certain, things. On the other hand, the engagement led me to want to succeed so I learned more about Minecraft as a result. I think that was one of the most appealing aspects of this map to me. I wonder if it could give more hints for beginner players. For example, I saw a walk-through of how a mine-cart was in the lava room, but I wasn't able to do that part, which is when I quit. Overall though, it was an awesome experience.
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