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#9043335 Feb 01, 2014 at 02:58 PM
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How does the camera angle in a game affect the immersive feel of the game? Tell us about a game you have played that has a camera angle that immerses you in a game, or show a game play video from your favorite game. If you are stuck, do some research on using cameras in video games and how this can be used effectively in a game. Include a link for further reading if you prefer.
#9077509 Feb 08, 2014 at 09:06 PM
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I spend time in Second Life which allows for several different camera angles. Most of the time, you are looking at the back of your character from a point just above so you see what the character would see and then a little more. However, you can enter into a camera view that would be from the viewpoint of the character. You can also "detach" from your character and look around. The different views affect the experience in different ways. While viewing your character you can better identify with that specific avatar because you are watching what they are doing and imagine it is you. When you are looking from the viewpoint of the avatar, you can sometimes feel detached from the character because this view removes the avatar from view. It also does not allow you to see everything in the environment so you might miss people walking up to you from behind. And when you have detached the camera from the character, there might be activity around your avatar that you are no longer aware of.

The article at this link seems to agree with this except for the point of connection to the avatar - I feel more connected to the actual digital character when I can see her. When I am in first person view, it's as if I left the digital character behind and I'm moving on without her.
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#9086783 Feb 11, 2014 at 12:59 AM · Edited over 7 years ago
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I enjoy the third person perspective a lot because I prefer to see my character. After reading a few posts, I agree with some of the points in this article about the effect perspective has on games. Seeing the costumes, movements, and such helps situate me in the game moreso than a first person perspective where the player feels like me. Though I did enjoy Borderlands 2, mainly because they made some effort to develop the characters' presence by making them talk when idling or acting and having special dialogue reactions for quests.

I also enjoy the perspective used in Legend of Zelda Link to the Past. When making a game for the GameMaker quest, I decided to use isometric graphics particularly because of the Zelda game. Being able to see multiple rooms and characters in a wide area just interests me in the game and makes me feel like I'm in a big environment.
#9116155 Feb 17, 2014 at 11:51 AM
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One of the games I like playing now is BadLand, which is essentially a platform game where the camera follows the player horizontally. Most games I play or have played have this or a bird's eye view static camera. However, I was chaperoning a school activity one time and one student brought his XBox where they were playing a first person shooter and I could not believe the immersive nature with those, especially with today's graphic capabilities. While I believe I'll stick to my 'retro' type games, I can see why today's generation can be hard to please.
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