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#13345339 Jul 11, 2017 at 05:58 PM
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Hello fellow teachers! I am enjoying learning about this site and how it could be used in my classroom. I took the gamer test to see which type of gamer I am and here are my results:

Your BrainHex Class is Mastermind.
Your BrainHex ClassYour BrainHex Sub-Class is Mastermind-Achiever.

You like solving puzzles and devising strategies as well as collecting anything you can collect or doing everything you possibly can.

According to your results, there are few play experiences that you strongly dislike.

Learn more about your classes and exceptions at

Your scores for each of the classes in this test were as follows:

Mastermind: 19
Achiever: 17
Seeker: 16
Conqueror: 8
Socialiser: 6
Daredevil: 5
Survivor: 4
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