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Intercultural weddings have been an integral part of our life since ever. Now imagine how a wedding look like that merges the best of both worlds?! Indeed, magnificent. So if you are going to give your South and North blossoming romance a festive mix of Punjabi and Tamil cultural traditions wedding. So surprise your guests with wedding dishes because that's something your guests will be most excited to see and taste. It's tough for a Punjabi to get a complete idea about south Indian dishes. Don't worry! We've mentioned some cuisine here that you must tell your caterers in Delhi to include in your wedding.

Rice - You can't imagine a South Indian wedding without rice. You make your guests instantly drool over the taste with famous lemon rice.

Sambar - Having tangy and spicy Sambar is a must for a South Indian wedding menu. Not only are your South Indian invitees, but this dish satiates the taste buds of your Punjabi guests as well.

Aviyal - You can take the tastebuds of your South Indian as well as North Indian guests’ on a culinary journey with this authentic South Indian dish from Kerala. It is a mix of 13 vegetables and is rich in nutrients. Plus, this is one of the most preferred dishes in South Indian weddings.

Curry - Coconut-based curries are a popular dish in South-Indian festive events. These curries are served with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee.

Poriyal - Its rich flavor and exotic taste make it is one of the most popular side dishes. It goes well with both sambhar rice and Bisibelabath.

Appalam - Another delicious side dish that you can ask your chosen professional caterers in Gurgaon to prepare is crispy Appalam. Its tongue tangling taste will surely leave your invitees mesmerized.

Sweets Corner - A wedding menu can't be complete without sweets. Godi Nucchu Paysa, Mysore Pak, Gulab Jamun, Holige, Karchi Kaayi, Jackfruit Halwa, Karigedabu, Kaayi Holige, the list of sweets is endless.

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So convey your cater to add these dishes to your wedding and turn the unique love saga into a delicious affair. To hire excellent culinary artists/ caterers for your wedding you can use ZoopGo, an incredible online web portal and fulfill your catering needs.
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