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OK I can't take the suspense anymore....who's here, why did you sign up, what are you hoping to get out of it? :)

I'll begin by introducing myself. Lisa Dawley, professor and chair of the EdTech program at Boise State. I'll be heading out on a year-long sabbatical starting July 1, but it's filled with fun projects, like 3D GameLab, so I'm sure you'll be able to find me! Me blog:

My main avatar in GameLab and World of Warcraft is Shallow. In Second Life, I'm Mali Young. Call me whatever you like. I've been working with Chris now for several years. We seem to build things together, EdTech Island, the CAVE sim, and over the last year or so, 3D GameLab. We consider ourselves designers of learning technologies, and it's becoming a stronger area of focus for me as time goes on. While on sabbatical, I'll be establishing a learning technology design lab at Boise State, so expect more cool projects, tools, curriculum and media from folks working with the EdTech program, as well as in the local and global community.

What am I hoping for GameLab? I hope it becomes a free online social network for quest-based learning, accessible to anyone, anywhere, with a mobile device or computer. Free education on any topic, built by teachers and designers who have a passion for creating engaging learning, captivating millions of learners around our globe. I hope to bring the joy and playfulness of learning to others through a quest and game based environment. I hope we can support and expand learner choice in the learning experience, and better value and appreciate the uniqueness and diversity that we all have as human beings. I hope we can blow the doors off factory models of education, and reconsider what it means to be a digital learner, teacher, and human. And, along the way, I hope to meet cool people who have similar goals or interests (or maybe not so similar), and work together to literally build our hopes for education and things we haven't even yet dreamed. Onward!
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I teach psychiatric nursing in a university in Chicago. I teach undergraduates both Theory and Clinical Practice of Psychiatric Nursing. While it is common to teach theories and discuss practice, psychiatry is not an easy topic to understand, especially to the degree nurses need to understand as they will care for mentally ill patients in every area they work. The patient will most likely be under stress at that time. Having an empathic awareness of the illness and some ideas for managing it is very important.
I think that games provide an opportunity for the student to experience some of the situations and be able to test themselves and their reactions. I am quite new at this, but I am hoping to find a way to provide this experience. Or, as I am in our camp, I may find other ways to achieve my goal.
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Hello everyone. My name is Scott Diener, and I am at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. That would be south for most of ya. :-) I am the Associate Director of IT at the University, but have worked since 2006 in virtual worlds to develop some fun and innovative (we think) simulations. One was a nursing simulation developed with your very own Kelley Conner (Boise State)...what a fun time that has been. Cool thing is, she was able to come here to present our research, and we were able to have her in our home for a wonderful visit. Now THAT is what can happen in these "silly games"!

I spent 20 years on the Psychology faculty at Chapman University in southern California, before setting off with my wife and son on a sailing trip around the world in our little boat. We made it to NZ, and settled on a little island off the coast of Auckland. I have been developing/scripting a number of Second Life games (medieval rp/battle games), and have also had our teams working on some rather extensive develpments around OpenSim. We currently have 20 or so sims in our node of the New Zealand Virtual World Grid, and are developing a number of game environments, medical simulations and architecture sims. Boggles the mind some days! I am Professor Noarlunga on our 4 Second Life sims (search for Long White Cloud), and Warwick Falconer on my game sims. Happy to have folks drop by! Also, go to and request an account on the University of Auckland node if you want to check out OpenSim. I have plenty of capacity there for sandboxes, trials, experimental builds, etc.

I am really looking forward to working with 3D Gamelab, but I fear the time zone difference will block me a bit. I'll do my best, and hope to learn a TON from all of ya! I am really hoping to learn how to better situate games and game theory inside of solid curriculum objectives, and to see/experience work that others are actually doing. I continue to teach as well, and would be especially interested in exploring VW ideas for teachign large (300+) classes. Daunting.
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  • My name is Camaal Moten.
  • I grew up in Griffin, GA and now reside in Orlando, FL.
  • My education background is in visual communication (graphic design and animation) and education media design.
  • I work at Full Sail University as a Multimedia Designer.
  • My passion is to discover and create ways to integrate multimedia within education to increase learning. I enjoy taking calculated risks for the sake of gaining more understanding.
  • My favorite toys as a child were transformers and rocks, which can become anything with a little imagination.
  • My favorite toy now is my iTouch.
  • My favorite movie is John Q.
  • If I could have any super power, it would be to materialize the things I believe in my heart.
  • When I’m not working on designs, I would rather be experimenting with augmented reality on my iPhone.
  • My favorite quote: “You must be prepared to act on your dreams, just in case they do come true.” -Bill Strickland

I'm looking forward to learning more about quest-based learning design through 3D Gamelab.
“You must be prepared to act on your dreams, just in case they do come true.”
-Bill Strickland
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Hi everyone! In real life, I am Beth Ritter-Guth (known as "BRG" to most), and I teach English, programming, gaming, and robotics at Oak Hill Adacemy in VA. I am here as part of my quest to serve other in the spirit of Ghandi "to be the change [I] want to see in the world." Most people know me as my Second Life avatar, Desideria "Desi" Stockton, the founder of Literature Alive! in Second Life.

I am so excited to be part of this group, and I am stoked by the cast of characters listed on the playbill! I have no expectation other than to absorb and learn and become drunk with the passion of my peers!

I would like the "take away" of something for students to chew on and tackle in the 2011-2012 school year.


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Hell Fellow Adventurers!

My name is Lucas Gillispie. I've been an educator in North Carolina for roughly 13 years. I began my career as a high school science teacher before transitioning to my current role as a district-level instructional technology coordinator 4 years ago. I grew up with video games. When in the classroom, I quickly discovered that my passion for gaming became a point of connection with many of my students. I've been enjoying MMORPG's for around 11 years, now. I was introduced to Sony's Everquest by a student and began leading a guild that has persisted through other MMO's (Dark Age of Camelot, WoW, and others) up to the present day. I've always played games like this with my students and have found it invaluable. Early on, I viewed these games through the lenses of my "teacher glasses," and dreamed of the day I might begin to use them with my own students.

I completed my Master's program in Instructional Technology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2008. It was during this program that I began to apply some of the concepts I learned about the instructional design process to my thinking about the learning that takes place in video games. These experiences have inspired me to explore the use of commercial games in the classroom. So, I began the WoWinSchool Project (, a project that aims to use the popular online game, World of Warcraft, as a vehicle for learning language arts. We began as an after-school program and have since moved into the regular school day as an 8th grade elective course. I and a colleague, Craig Lawson, have been developing this 36-module (quest), year-long course in Moodle and plan to make it available in June of 2011. I've also undertaken a similar project exploring a similar use of Minecraft with 5th graders in our district (

3D GameLab is so exciting. Not only will this guild be an opportunity for me to network with inspired educators from around the world, the tool itself will simplify many of things we've been trying to do with Moodle that have been incredibly difficult.

If you're interested, my blog is available at: and you can find me on Twitter as @PCSTech.

I look forward to exploring with you all!


Golyn, 80 Norn Elementalist, GuildWars2
Edurealms, Minecraft
Founder WoWinSchool and MinecraftinSchool Projects
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G'day all,
Doug Vass here, a middle and senior high school Mathematics teacher at MLC School in Sydney, Australia. I am new to the gaming environment having been an addicted teenager to the Ultima Series and Myst on my old Macintosh LC in rural Australia. I still remember many sleepless nights trying to figure out clues and crack codes in the hope of gaining more points to buy a new potion to use in battle. Fantastic memories.
I've been out of the gaming world since then and I know it has changed immensely and I'm super excited to learn and rejoin the communities that are out there.

I'm currently studying my Master's of Educational Technology at Boise State and have been lucky enough to meet Dr Lisa Dawley in person when she presented to our school in 2010. Since then I've been exploring loads of blending learning options with a variety of Mathematics and Science classes using our very own LMS developed at MLC. In addition to that I'm a father to a 21mth old gorgeous boy and am expecting another family addition sometime in August so that could be interesting! It will probably make the timezone difference much easier to deal with if I'm up in the middle of the night anyhow.;)

I'm going to be designing a Quest-chain on Blended Learning and hope to have a massive amount of fun along the way. I'll be either Dog9bites or NeoWallace in this world but you can find me on Twitter @dougvass.
Follow me: Twitter
Link to me: Linkedin
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Greetings Fellow Travelers! So many worlds so little time! ( Second Life: Maggie Marat, WoW: Sisters of ELune server Maratsade, Sheehredd, Rheder, Mairet) Guild: Cognitive Dissonance ( Also on board with the WoW in School Project (in cahoots with Lucas Gillispie and Craig Lawson) We're in year 6 of using VWs and year 2 of using WoW---

I have witnessed firsthand the power of using these new frontiers for learning and I am excited to share and learn with all of you. More when I come up for air! Feel free to email-- wOOt! This is gonna rock!

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Twitter: peggysheehy

May Elune light our way!
May Elune Light Your way!
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Hi everyone. In real life, I'm Carla Kincaid-Yoshikawa and my work is in corporate training---Training in the 21st Century. My background is in Organization Development, so the focus of my training has been on team building, leadership and communication development---all of which involve changing behavior patterns, and the possibilities for using 3D games for this kind of work are huge. I first played video games while recovering from an injury, and then discovered Second Life (Ardith DelValle) as a possible platform for the kinds of training I want to do. (Recently, I've been exploring SpotOn3D and some simpler, meeting-based environments like VenueGen, but still focusing on SL as the main resource.) The August GameLab Summer Camp will be my first effort to create an extensive game for the kind of training I want to do, using 3D, and I'm really looking forward to it, and to working with everyone in this great learning adventure.
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Given name:Jennifer Jesu-Anter
Taken name: virtualviolet

Daytime Occupation: high school science teacher at a private, non-profit institution
Nighttime Occupation: working on my doctorate at Pepperdine University in Learning Technologies and generally trying to fuse with the web!

I am taking this class because it seemed current, edgy and fun. If I like it then the kids will probably like it too. I am interested in wearable technology, I like the site and I am a biophile.

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Greeting everyone!
My name is Sabine Lawless-Reljic in RL and Willow Shenlin in Second Life where i spend the majority of my virtual life. However, I like to explore new places and you can find me in 3rd Rock Grid, 3DXplorer, InWorldz, Reaction Grid, Science Grid, Second Life, and SmallWorlds (as Willow Shenlin), Grand Central Sim (Willow Virtual), Blue Mars (SKYLawless), AET Zone and ScienceSim (Sabine Reljic), and was briefly WillowWarC in World of Warcraft (trial version does not count, right? :-D)

My daytime is mainly occupied with the fun of ARVEL SIG for which I manage Communications (Ning, wiki, etc.) as well as inworld events such as the bimonthly ARVEL SIG Inworld Discussion in Second Life. Fair warning to shameless plugin: Come and visit our caves at CAVE Island and interact with our 3D exhibits, ARVEL (Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning) is the #173 special interest group at AERA (
I am otherwise researching 3D presence with the focus on its role in maximizing learning and teaching experience in virtual environments.

I joined 3D GameLab after hearing about it at AERA 2011, ARVEL SIG workshop. The concept intrigued me, and the more I read about it, the more it made sense, and the more I felt that it had to be part of my professional self. Then, I want to start helping changing the quid pro quo in the local schools. 3DGameLab's agenda is forward-thinking, thought provoking, and attracting some cool minds together. I hope to learn from and with you all about game pedagogy, strategy, design and assessment. I expect to be blown away by innovative and creative ideas. Can't wait to get started.
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Don W. Brown, but I am known as drsgtbrown for my tweets, blog and website. In Second Life I am Hartwin Islay. I manage online courses for a collection of 16 public school districts in Eugene, Oregon, USA. I am not sure I will be able to attend the course, but I'd like to and see the group draws from a wide variety of places and skillsets.

Quest-chain games hold a lot of promise in appealing to some students who are in alternative settings. I feel passionate about serving these students with online assets of all kinds, help them find a voice and a calling, and make a difference in their lives.

My Website

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I am Rebecca Reiniger in St. Helens, Oregon, and Ute Frenburg in SL. I am investigating the use of immersive environments in math education with my partners in crime and we are incredibly excited about the opportunity to gamify our curriculum. The mission of our nonprofit company, Dream Realizations (, is to rock the foundation of how math is taught. Game Lab could help us on our way toward exciting presentation.

Personally, I am finishing up my Masters in Education at George Fox University (should be done by August). In 2009, I was introduced to SL via a tech course in my Masters program. Since then there has been no turning back....I'm hooked. I'm a licensed German and Math teacher, that is currently only subbing in the school district. And I'm just happier than a pig in mud to be embarking on this adventure with all of you. :-)

Let the learning begin!


Twitter: rekaloan
Rebecca (Ute)
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My name is Pam Broviak, and I am a civil engineer working for local government in Illinois. My involvement in virtual worlds started in late 2006 when I saw Jon Brouchoud demo Second Life at an Autodesk conference. Since that time, I've explored, like many of you, the different virtual platforms. But most of my time is spent in Second Life as Pam Renoir/CivilE Writer, in OpenSim Worlds as Pam Broviak, and in World of Warcraft Earthern Ring as a Blood Elf Paladin named Cloacina. My experience in teaching is not quite as extensive as the rest of the group - ten years as a part-time instructor at a community college teaching civil engineering for technicians.

Online tools and virtual worlds have opened a huge opportunity for many of us to share information, experiences, resources, etc. So to take advantage of this, I spend most of my time after work creating resources for others in my profession or in government and offering this info online at the Public Works Group, Grid Works, and GovGrid websites. I'm also involved in the MuniGov group, an online resource for government that started in Second Life. And I am working on developing educational materials to help citizens better understand government and their role and responsibilities in their communities.

So my interest in GameLab is to explore and learn best practices for creating game-based education and hopefully develop resources/classes for either others in my profession (continuing education) or for citizens. The format and idea seems ground-breaking, and I appreciate the chance to be part of it and meet and explore/learn with all of you.
Pam Broviak
Twitter: pbroviak
Websites: Public Works Group, Grid Works, GovGrid
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Hello everyone. My name is Jo Kenney and I am a current student at the University of Florida in their online Ed.D. Education Technology program. I have over six years of experience as an ISD and courseware developer and currently work in the Ed Tech and Faculty & Staff Development departments at the Medical Education Technology Campus (METC) at Ft Sam Houston. Since I work behind a government firewall I cannot access this site from work so unfortunately missed the webinar. I am very interested in studying and developing the use of games and simulations in adult education. I used to consider myself a gamer, but I'm afraid the game console has done little but collect dust since I started my doctorate, and I'm not sure I even remember my Second Life login. I am looking forward to finding like minded individuals who want to discover new and interesting ways to engage the learner (and the instructor). I think serious games can help in the transfer of "real-world" and critical thinking skills, the questions are how do we develop these games in a way that is educationally sound and not just entertaining?
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Hi all! My name is Eric Miner. I serve as associate professor and Faculty Development Coordinator at Stevens-Henager College in Boise, Idaho. I retired in 2005 from a 31-year career as an Information Technology engineer and project manager, and have been teaching college classes since July 2006. I teach psychology, mathematics, statistics, business management, and computer science classes. Most of my undergrad work was in Physics at Boise State University, and I completed a B.A. in Management and Organizational Leadership at George Fox University. I have an M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Capella University, and I am ABD on my PhD in Educational Psychology from Capella University (should finish later this year).

I enjoy gaming, but the combination of full-time teaching and my doctoral work have really constricted my play lately. I dabbled in Second Life three years ago and have a low-level Tauren druid languishing on WoW, but not much else going on in the gaming world other than an occasional bout of Angry Birds on my iPad.

I am always hunting for ANYTHING that can improve the success rates for my school's online students! 3-D Game Lab has sparked considerable interest right to the top levels of administration here, and I'm looking forward to working with all of you to explore its potential and, maybe, to help realize that potential.

If you have questions you think I might be able to answer, please contact me at I'll be glad to reply to you as quickly as I can. All the best in your 3-D Game Lab pursuits!
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Hi, I’m Mark Suter, a proud graduate of Boise State's EdTech Master's program (spring 2010). I teach computer tech in grades 5-12 at a rural school in Ohio. I’m married, no kids yet, and we have two dogs.
I learned to drive on a tractor at age 7 on my parent’s farm growing strawberries, sweetcorn/muskmelons, and corn maze and have worked there every summer since ( I’ve been a video game enthusiast since our Magnavox Odyssey2 (’80-’87).
For me, the collision of games and formal education started when I read a 2007 THE Journal article about using World of Warcraft in the classroom. I got a grant (Martha Holden Jennings Foundation) and tried it, with mixed success (two rounds of it). I’m now inspired by the works of many of those joining this project!
Lucas-I’ve read your work for several years now, awesome stuff.
KnowClue (Marianne Malmstrom ) – I want to join Cognitive Dissonance guild in WoW! Is it the same guild as described in this 2009 article?
I’m excited to be creating the “Technology Integration” quest line here at 3dgamelab. My focus is on relevancy to students and “implementability
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I'm Carolyn Knox. I work at the Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE) at the University of Oregon. My team has created an online instructional module to teach students with learning disabilities to learn and study online. Right now the course is video based with a couple of instructional avatars and screencasting.
Our next goal is to create and test a lot of student activities to go with the instruction for practice, integration, and assessment. We see these activities as game based down the road--after some initial testing this summer and fall.
I was telling all this to Jonathon Richter, and he suggested I sign up for this summer's test of 3DGameLab--as his student. I haven't figured out how to become his student yet, but I am registered, and that's a good start.
Let me know if you know how to get into Jonathon's group. c.
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Greetings all.
I am a rogue cognitive engineer trying to understand the gift of God that the SQs (ess-queues) are bringing to us. We believe that they call it Open Your Eyes And See (OYEAS) but we are still not quite sure about anything. Well, that's not really true. We recently tested this knowledge with 3-5 year olds in a sanctioned research project and preliminary results seem to confirm the SQ's belief that all humans can subQuan. Confused? We sure are but with the promise of seeing polynomial equations in the metapatterns of sequentially based number systems in seconds does boggle the mind and gives us cause to press on. Hopefully, the three of us currently dedicated to this work will be able to gain assistance and companionship from others in 3D GameLab to develop a quest based instruction of what we understand so far. At a minimum, we hope that some of you will understand what I just said by taking the quests that we will develop during this course. Obviously we have VERY HIGH expectations (heehee).
.....Cooper Macbeth Patterson (who lost his box at birth)

PS. I developed video arcade games in the very early 80's. My first hardware was a very powerful 3-D graphics engine which I touted would lay the foundation for educational instruction extraordinaire. Nobody understood, not even Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Pizza Time Theater. So sad. I have waited thirty years for this class; seems like there are a few more believers of the educational benefits of 3-D worlds now. Time to go to play.
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My name is Davilla Riddle. I teach middle school science in Hawaii. Plus, I am working on my M.Ed. in Educational Technology. Hoping to learn how to engage my students more in learning science.
SL: Nahalaimalama Evermore