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The more I learn, the more I realize. . . I know less than I want to know - about most everything! I've been an educational technology consultant at an intermediate school district in southeast Michigan for over ten years and I'm privileged to work with some first class teachers who want to utilize technology in the classroom to improve teaching and learning for their students. On the other hand, I also get glimpses of students who are bored, checked out, lacking in focus and purpose. When I heard Lisa talking about this opportunity in a webinar, I thought, "This is what I've been waiting for, for a long time!" Because I'm not a specific content area teacher I'm wondering what kind of quests I can contribute but I'm really hoping this will be a tool my teachers can learn to use as a way to reach learners with different needs in a new way.

If I could have a do-over, I'd take more math, and play more games. The first part of my life I was a piano major. Later I transitioned to teaching, and am still passionate about reading and writing, and the power of story. I have a 'first gen" Masters degree in educational technology circa 2001 and continue to learn something new every day. I'm not a gamer, not a competitive person, but I wish I had enough math knowledge and programming background to design video games on some level, whether the story, or the action, or even the music. I feel inept in Second Life - once saw Peggy Sheehy in SL bring forth a lovely mythical winged creature and climb aboard, flying into the beyond. So I quickly learned how to "sit down" and usually look for a bench in new locations so I don't embarrass myself! :-) Haven't yet been a participant in WoW but I do see the potential for reaching students and extending learning beyond what many students experience.

I have two daughters who are both teachers, one in Michigan, one in Phoenix, AZ, far, far away! I worry that they are still teaching the way they were taught. Our schools can't change fast enough to meet the needs of 21st century kids, can they?

I'm looking forward to learning more about building good quests and tapping into the power of this tool, in hopes this will be something area teachers can and will use in the future. Thanks, all who have a hand in creating this. I'm looking forward to the learning!
Slian Slade in SL
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Sue Summerford
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Hello! My name is Amy Vecchione. I am a librarian at Boise State University. I have been experimenting with games in library instruction. I would really like to learn more about designing games as related to learning objectives.

I recently watched this video from Jane McGonigal: And I am deeply inspired by a game that she helped design at the New York Public Library:

Libraries are a place where technology, information, learning and social activities intersect. Our library is a space where students, staff and faculty feel comfortable researching. I am always thinking about new ways to engage students. I know that games are increasingly popular, and some libraries are providing outreach to live action role playing groups.

Check out this Library Guide which is geared towards providing information during the Humans vs. Zombies live action role playing game being played on campuses:

I am excited to learn and come up with new, creative strategies to meeting user needs and devising instructional games for my classes.

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Greetings from New York! My name is Kathleen Johnson and I have worked in Training & Education for several medical device companies. The last six years have been spent creating and facilitating product and selling skills training for sales reps, physicians, and other company employees. Although a strong believer in activity based training, it has been a challenge to get industry to try something besides PowerPoint.

My degree is in chemistry, but as a volunteer in my children's classrooms I realized how much I love teaching. I was at UC Berkeley working on my adult teaching credential when a job took me to NY. I have never used SL or any of the on-line games.

There will be lots to learn. I am looking forward to the experience.


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Hello from Akron, Ohio, USA. I am Dudley Turner as Dudley Dreamscape in SL. Teaching at the university level for 25 years now, but also taught junior high and senior high. After years in administration, I am returning to full time teaching and research - and looking forward to it!

I enjoy the various technologies available, but want to learn the best way to use them. The story or narrative captures attention, so I want to see how I may use that in more of my teaching.

I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and working with you in this quest (these quests?).

Dudley Dreamscape (SL)
Dudley Turner
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My name is Tracy Smith.

I taught elementary ed. for 10+ years. Now I'm an instructional designer at ASU Online Technology.
My master's is in Educational Media & Technology from Eastern Michigan University.
I will steal from Lisa: I would love to blow the doors off factory models of education as well!
When I discovered that a coworker was participating in this lab, I was ecstatic and wanted to join as well.
I really like John Q's (Camaal's) super power. I would like to be some sort of eagle-fish. I want to fly and breathe under water.

I'm excited to be here.
Nice meeting everyone!
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My name is Melanie Ahlschwede. I am an English IV instructor with the Florida Virtual School. My master's is in Library Media Technology from Jacksonville State University. I am excited about experiencing the 3D Gamelab in hopes of bringing new quest-based learning to my students.
Melanie Ahlschwede
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Hello Everyone!

My name is Crystal Jensen. As a K-14 teacher and technology coordinator, I am really excited about participating in the 3D Game Lab with all of you. I'm currently a part-time ed-tech consultant and full-time second year ed tech doctoral student. Thank you for this great opportunity to learn and play together.
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My name is Mindie Vardinakis. I teach 8th grade Language Arts at a Midwest E-school. I am currently working on a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. It is my hope to gain new and creative ways of engaging students using the vitrual learning environment.
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Hi Everyone,
I'm Bruce Wolcott (AKA Zorreau), and I teach media theory at Bellevue College, in Bellevue Washington. This is my 14th year of teaching, and like many of you, I've been in the midst of a mind altering transition into the world of Web 2.0, open source teaching, collaborative learning, and the exploration of games in education. Some of the course titles I teach include Visual Storytelling, Digital Design and Storytelling, History of Animation, Writing for the Web, Video Game Theory, Technology of Persuasion, and Exploring the Digital Future. Before my teaching career, I worked for many years as a commercial special effects photographer and media designer. More background info can be found at my website:

One of my most engaging current projects is a course that I'm teaching for the University of Tasmania (Human Interface Technology Lab) called the Fundamentals of Interactive Entertainment. This involves a live weekly session via HDTV (Seattle to Launceston) as well as a number of online projects. I'm enrolled in the 3D GameLab course because I'm very interested in 1) finding out how an online course can become "game-ified" and 2) how to integrate numerous online course activities under one roof - using a unified system for assignments, presentations, and evaluations. 3) How to generate enthusiasm, excitement, and engagement in students. I'm also very interested to find out what kind of interesting people sign up for this class, and what kind of work you're all doing.

Here's a picture of my Second Life persona (Zorreau) alongside my real self. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better over the next few weeks! - Bruce Wolcott

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I am Leigh Zeitz. I am a professor and coordinator of the Instructional Technology program at the University of Northern Iowa.

I am not a gamer. I have steered away from gaming because I tend to "really get into things" and have not wanted to become entrenched in gaming. I have been in Second Life for years (aka Leigh Writer) but it's different than gaming.

This year I decided to "Go for it." I want to investigate the educational opportunities of gaming and integrate it into my teaching. Ergo, when I found out about the 3D GameLab I realized that it was the perfect opportunity for me to accomplish both of these goals.

I just returned from RAGBRAI. This is weeklong extravaganza where I get together with 15,000 of my best friends and we ride our bicycles 445 miles across Iowa. I belong to

I hope that GameLab will guide me through the gaming process. I expect to meet innovative educators who envision education in a new way that empowers students to make real decisions that lead to real learning.

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Hey all,

I am Soren Bergeson, and I've been teaching for 17 years, mostly in New York City. I am a lower school teacher and PD facilitator/teacher leader at The IDEAL School of Manhattan, a new school dedicated to diversity, acceptance, and excellence for all learners. We are an inclusion school but our mission is to take the best elements of general education and special education and, with an awesome student:teacher ratio, provide a challenging curriculum for all learners, many of whom are performing well above grade level.

I began gaming in 2010 again after a 20 year hiatus, and have become fascinated with the potential that games provide for optimal learning and genuine student engagement. Recently I have been reading Koster, Gee, McGonigal, Bogost, and others and am excited to incorporate game-based learning into the middle school curriculum at IDEAL.

I also have 4 kids (college to kindergarten age) and love cycling-- I just did 105 miles through the Catskills yesterday. I am just about to jump into a WoW trial account. So happy to see everyone here. Especially impressed with Leigh Writer, who is just coming back from RAGBRAI. It has always been a dream of mine to take part.

My twitter tag is sorenbergeson.
"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)
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Hi all,

I'm Caleb Yount. I am one of the few primary grade teachers on here it appears. I got into teaching as a second career after several years in the military in law enforcement/security. I completed a B.S. in HR Management while in the military and went on to do my M.Ed in teaching/learning. I'm eager to change the way instruction is traditionally delivered. I started using Smart Technologies as well as other technology in my classroom my second year in teaching because I realized that a classroom without much technology is a boring one to both teach and learn in. I continue to look for new ways to advance student understanding in which the students are major contributors in their own education. I'm looking forward to using quest-based learning in my room since it aims at doing just that.
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Hello everyone! My name is Roberta McClure, and I teach Computer Science at Lee College in Baytown, Texas. We have a game design program, and I teach most of those students in Programming Fundamentals I. The game design students are an enthusiastic group, and I enjoy them very much. I'm hoping to be able to gain more understanding of the game design world by taking this class.

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Hi my name is Kelly McAllister. I teach middle and high school science at the Riverside Virtual School. I have two boys; six and four and my husband and I own a brewery in Riverside, CA. I am so excited to start using this with my students:)
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Hello everyone!

My name is Adam MacIntyre-Ross, and I am a 33 year old art teacher with New York State initial certification and an Ed. M. I found out about 3dGame Labs during the 2011 Games in Education Symposium in Schenectady, NY. I currently teach grades 8-12 at a small direct-care facility called Vanderheyden Hall that serves students with social, emotional, psychological, and physical disorders that prevent them from attending regular public schools. It's rewarding and extremely challenging.

I'm extremely excited about the possibilities this and other games-based teaching tools present. I am currently working on a small presentation to my schools board of directors to convince them that games-based education is the way to go for our kids, since most of the time, they do not learn under traditional methods.

I'm also really eager to find ways to apply this and other models of learning to an art classroom. I already have some ideas and I can't wait to try them out!

I'm also a serious gamer, and I've been playing since my first Nintendo back in the 80's.
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I am a high school math teacher at a day treatment center for students with emotional impairments. To address issues of continuity, time on task, and chronic absteeism, I gamified my curriculum. I've been using this gamified curriculum for about 5 years, and I'm happy with the outcome, but I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to put it online somehow. Minimally, I thought I'd like students to have access to materials at home, but optimally, I thought maybe I could use an electronic delivery model to reduce unnecessary photocopying, increase access to materials for my students as well as other interested teachers, and just generally streamline the process.

Using a game context to put a gamified curriculum online seems like a logical way to accomplish my goal of getting materials online.

I have pretty much no experience with games. I have a Second Life avatar, but I got overwhelmed and confused in Second Life so I left it long ago. I'm not a gamer. I've tried, failed, and abandoned various video games just as I left Second Life. And when I say video games I mean Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm not even that into Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds.

That being said, I signed up for 3D Game Lab because I believe I can learn how to do this and I believe that taking this step forward into gamifying will be useful and motivating for my students. I'm hoping to get some direct takeaways from this experience, like getting my materials online and having something that students can use next year, but I'm also hoping to gain insights, inspiration, and ideas from my fellow participants.

As I've read through the other introductions I'm in awe of the diversity and experience of the group. Can't wait to get started!
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I am Ryan Hiller from La Conner Washington. I am the Technology Coordinator of a small school district (750 students k-12). I also teach Digital Video, Digital Photo, and video game programming (using Digipen curriculum). We are one-to-one in the high school with MacBooks.

I have been wanting to do a games-based class for a couple of years, but was stymied by the logistics of tracking and managing it. I am so fortunate to happen into Chris's session at NCCE 2012 in Seattle and was extremely excited to find out that I would be able to use 3D Game Lab. I would like to use it both with my students and as a professional development tool for my staff.

For staff PD this is a great way to asynchronously offer differentiated instruction in a managed, trackable and interesting way. Most of our staff has never seen your standard game reward/progression system, so I am hoping that after the staff uses and appreciates this games-based approach they will see the benefits and support if not demand use with students.

I came to education from industry. I have a degree in computer science and a master's in business. I was a systems analyst/programmer for airborne express, then a small company creating web based education management software, and then on my own as a consultant.
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I am John Reid, a 7th grade Language Arts teacher in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I have been interested in exploring new ways to integrate technology into my teaching for some time and am looking for new ways to meet my students in "their" territory. I know that we will have an advantage when it comes to engaging them with the learning if it comes in a format that is familiar and fun for them.

I'm looking forward to immersing myself in 3D GameLab and sharing my experiences with the rest of our middle school staff.
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My name is John Wolford. I teach grades 6-12 at a small school in Northeast Ohio. I heard about 3D Game Lab at eTech Ohio, and I cannot wait to get started!

I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade computers, and I am hoping to game-ify my content. I am very excited to explore the concepts. I have students for 9 weeks at a time, and I think that this would be an outstanding way to meet the needs of my students who are at the remedial level but continue to challenge my more advanced students.

Let's get going! lol
Freki / John Wolford
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