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[Pinned] Introductions
Google Apps for Education

[Pinned] Introductions

Please introduce yourself, your experience with Google Apps, and to what extent you use them at your school.I'm the Technology Coordinator at Antioch High School and the creator of their 3-year-old Media/Tech Academy. I'm a Google Certified Teache...
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Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education

Introduction-Google Apps Camp

Hello! My name is Janae Graff. I am one of the Technology Integration Specialists at Vallivue School District in Caldwell, Idaho. We are a GAFE district, but just started to gain ground as far as getting teachers to use the apps. This year we have...
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Google Apps for Education

Introduction David Flom

Greetings from Ohio (again) I am Elicia's Flom partner in crime 8) We work together on projects for our business and for the AWD program at Eastland Fairfield Career and Technical schools. I would say that I am somewhat familiar with the Google To...
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Google Apps for Education

Video sound issues?

Am I the only one having trouble with the sound on the videos? I have the volume cranked up as loud as I can get it and I can still barely hear a thing.
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Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education


I am really enjoying learning about everything that GAFE has to offer. I have some experience with using Google apps. What I really want to learn about is using Google classroom. I have a class set of chromebooks this year, so setting up a goog...
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Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education


Hello! I'm Cindi Keefe and work for San Juan Unified School District in Sacramento. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math at Pasteur Middle School. I started using 3D Gamelab last year and love it. I don't know much about Google Apps for Educat...
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Google Apps for Education


Hi, My name is Dawn. I am an eighth grade science teacher newly introduced to gamification and game based learning in my Master's Degree adventure. This past week I finished my Games for Learning and Assessment course from University of Wisconsin-...
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Google Apps for Education


Hello, my name is Nick Roster and I teach Anatomy & Physiology at Northwestern Michigan College. Looking forward to learning how to use Google Apps more effectively. We have adopted Google Apps as an institution, and I am still learning about ...
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Google Apps for Education

Introduction Melissa Getz

Hi! Sometimes I'm Ntropi, other times Getzedtech- it depends on how I'm listed at that moment. I'm always Melissa and am always wanting to learn how to do more.My Google experience is fairly regular- I worked at a school that used Google apps, I ...
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Google Apps for Education


Hi! My name is Robert Selzler, and I'm addicted to Google. I presume that this is the right support group... : )In all seriousness, I am an online teacher for the Idaho Digital Learning Academy as well as an instructional designer/trainer at eLear...
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Google Apps for Education

Introduction-Elicia Flom

Greetings from Ohio!Yes, The Ohio State University football fans got a decent day to celebrate ahead of the snow we have today! When I'm not designing instruction for my firm, Computer Help, Education & Site Support (CHESS), where we design/fa...
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Google Apps for Education


Greetings! My name is Beverly Heyer. I work for the Boise School District as a Title I Instructional Coach. My background is in technology integration, elementary education, and instructional coaching. Currently I am on the Integrated Leadership T...
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Google Apps for Education

Google Apps intro

Hello, my name is Bonni Jones. I teach mathematics and computer programming at Venture High located in Ogden, Utah. I have been using the 3D gamelab for two years. I use some of the Google apps but I am looking forward to learning more and to b...
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Google Apps for Education

Google Apps Administration

I am the Administrator of Google Apps for our Academy, but as I help roll it out to other academies on our campus, I've got them managing their own domains. This keeps the workload down for me and also keeps me from worrying about legacy issues if...
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Google Apps for Education

Introduction: Mesler

Greetings! I am Kris Mesler, and my job is to teach undergraduates at Boise State University how to use technology in their future careers. We use 3D GameLab with our curriculum, and I teach 2 face-to-face and 2 online sections of the course.Our s...
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