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Anxious to See

by Schmelzzy on Jul 20, 2017 at 07:39 PM}
As I go through The Academy I have a lot of hesitation as this program seems to have been huge during 2010-2013. It is now 2017 and I am hoping with all of my might (especially with the $245 coming out of my own pocket) that this is not a outdated gamification system. I went back and forth with Rezzly and Classcraft. I even tried to reach out to Rezzly on Facebook and did not get a response back. I did get a response back from Classcraft. I ended up forking over the money because of the Quest Armory and the hopes that I will be able to use some of it in my classroom without having to invent everything on my own.


Schlmelzzy - I've had some of the same concerns you're experiencing. I sent my concern in via Facebook and an email to the Rezzly address. I did get responses, and I'm hoping that you eventually got some as well. My partner teacher and I researched Classcraft, The Virtual Locker, and Gradecraft, but we agree that Rezzly is better for our area of focus. What made you choose Rezzly over Classcraft?

Spike the Hedgehog
I chose Rezzly because it seemed to be more than just a game to play, it was deeper. I have not heard anything back at all from Rezzly about concerns. I am going to just keep trudging on and hope that it gets better.
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