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Jim Ghee Takeaway

by Schmelzzy on Jul 22, 2017 at 09:05 AM}
Wow! I thought as I sat watching this older gentleman speak of paradigm shift of education. I was expecting to be bored out of my wits and was not expecting a takeaway at all. However, when Jim started speaking it all came together. Motivation, feedback, and paradigm shifting stood out to me during his video.

Students do not currently have a motivating factor in the classrooms that they are in (for the most part). I do feel like students need to work toward more than a grade and there has to be something that makes them want to do that. In life, we do not go to our jobs because we have to (think deeper here at what I am saying). We want to go to our jobs because at the end of the week there is a paycheck and with that paycheck we get what we want and need. In a game we complete a level to get the reward to get what we want and need. Currently in classrooms we complete work to get a grade and it goes nowhere from there. I could spend a while speaking on this, but alas I shall move on so that I can get through the rest of my quests (motivation to get to what I want).

Feedback is crucial in education and is something that is still almost nonexistent. As an educator, I find myself failing at this on a yearly basis. I take the work home and spend hours grading deep into the night and by the time I am done I forgot the first paper I even graded. Worse off, after handing back the work (remember grading deep into the night) the students glance at the work and stow it away. So much for effective feedback. With gamification the feedback is instantaneous or they cannot move on and that becomes a motivator.

Last is the paradigm shift that is standing in the way of becoming a professional in the eyes of the community. We are not being seen as innovators when our students come home and have nothing that has excited them or motivated them throughout the day. This is what the community see. It does have to start with the community though believing in educators and supporting the movement away from the traditional classroom into an innovative classroom that supports students to excel by providing motivation to want to excel.


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