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by spikethehedgehog on Sep 12, 2017 at 07:16 AM}
I would like to use the repeatability feature of Rezzly, but I don't want the quest to repeat based on time. Is there a way to allow students to repeat the quest a certain number of times? I would like them to complete the quest up to three times or for a total of 60 points (20 points each).

I've now had two times (in three days) that this would be a great option for my class. The first instance was for Reading Counts points. They need to earn 40 points per term, but I'd like them to move forward in 5 or 10 point increments. The second instance was in a side quest. I listed several options for ways students could complete the quest, so I'd love for them to be able to do the quest more than once. That way they can write a poem, create a music video, build a newspaper, etc.


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