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Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems

by codyharper on Jun 02, 2021 at 06:20 AM}
Nowadays, information technologies are actively involved into the process of improving healthcare systems, which helps lower costs, increase efficiency, and facilitate the usage of these systems by people. Medical information systems involve computer-stored databases containing patient information to support medical order entry, the reporting of results, decision support systems, clinical reminders, and other healthcare applications. Once, I tried to use healthcare information system and my needs were satisfied, but a few changes still should be made.
Information systems in healthcare make the process of visiting a doctor easy and less time-consuming. In addition, the advantage of such systems is that patients can access information as soon as they need it. I was also surprised by the safety and security of databases. Developers often try to provide users with privacy and minimize the possibility of system errors. I easily found all necessary information. Thus, the service saved my time and money, while the transition was not difficult at all.
However, healthcare information systems are still not very popular. Therefore, some gaps still should be fixed by information system researchers by improving the use of social media in healthcare, employing evidence-based and personalized medicine. Alternations in information system will give users an opportunity to enjoy good services. Overthinking the former uncovered areas will help hospital workers provide patients with more specific and detailed diagnosis, treatment methods. Thus, patients will be able recover from their health conditions quicker. Many people think that such changes might have have a huge influence on the budget of the country, but such spending is completely justified and it will bring more benefits in the future.
In conclusion, my experience of using healthcare information systems was positive, but some flaws should be eliminated as soon as possible. Information system researchers need to concentrate on the personalized approach to every patient because this will help make the process of using databases more efficient.
This material was provided by Cody Harper, who is a case brief writer.


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