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Wow....and I don't mean world of warcraft

by sciguru11 on Apr 12, 2012 at 08:28 PM}
This 3D gaming site has me blown away. I keep working at the beginner quests and learning tons, unlocking more to learn and secretly wishing for more badges and awards. It seems silly but I do get a charge out of seeing the points at up and the awards appear. At the same time I feel like I really don't have a clue and I have worked at it as much as possible with my schedule and commitments at home. I post things in forums and then can't remember how to get back there. I started a Google page in the Sandbox and have no clue how I got there. I was really proud last night when I finally figured out how to get my own page up and I even uploaded a picture. I have yet to even venture toward Second Life because I have a life and can't imagine having time for a second one, but it does look cool. I also do not get how to communicate with others live. I went on Ventrilo and felt like I was invading people's privacy while listening in on conversations. I attended a live session about tech tools and never figured out how to add my comments. I did enjoy watching other people post. So I guess I'm a bit frustrated and feeling kind of dumb. I'll keep working at it and see where this adventure takes me tomorrow.


Don't let it stress you out. It should be fun. None among us understand all of it either. The joy is in the process of learning new things. If you focus on that, avoid comparing yourself to others, and choose the things that you are most excited about, you should find this process fulfilling. I'm so glad that you chose to join us. Welcome to the group. :-)
Thanks Chris. I appreciate the support.

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