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3D GameLab. Just one more thing to make me look like this goofball:

by Miss B on Apr 13, 2012 at 01:14 PM}

I have watched this video numerous times and each time I take something different from it, yet upon each viewing, I still see myself as that dancing goofball. Participating in 3D GL and trying to describe it to people isn’t helping to eliminate that goofy image either. It’s lonely and often frustrating being an early adopter in a school district.

I draw slightly different conclusions from the video, than does the Ted speaker. He suggests the first dancing nutter is a leader and the second guy is a different type of leader; he is the one that gets others to follow thereby transforming the nutter into a leader. What is a leader? Is an early adopter or innovator necessarily a leader? I think the second dude is the true leader - he is the one who motivates others to join. I do agree that in order for an early adopter to create a movement, he needs to embrace those who join him in his enthusiasm, but I don’t think that makes him a leader. The innovator has dissolved into the crowd and will not be recognized or remembered as the leader or the one that initiated the dance. He’ll just go on to the next nutty thing.

This video has helped me to better understand my role in trying to start a movement. I know I am not perceived as a leader in my school or district. So, instead of getting frustrated with other educators who ignore or refuse the changes going on around us and angrily thinking to myself, “they just need to get with it, already!” I need to think in terms of nurturing those who show a glimmer of interest. I am so glad to be in this 3DGL learning community just now. It’s so soothing to be around other educators who “get it.”


Wow! This video was used for my union training a couple months ago as we start to go from a service model to an organizing model. The point was the same; how do I nurture those first followers. I have tried to get my school to just participate in the wiki I created, and it has not been that successful, but I just remembered that a colleague said she remembered seeing something there, and I need to encourage her to add some resources to the wiki. I am a lot like you. I wish they would just get with it! All in good time!
yes. the trick is also not to be burned out by always being the innovator and trying to pull midly interested individuals along for the ride. It is indeed soothing to be around educators to get it. :-)
I keep repeating to myself "Be the change you wish to see" when I get frustrated by the slow pace of change in education. Just as we want to effect a revolution that allows students the find their own paths in learning, we have to allow other teachers to find their own paths as well. TELLING them what works is as effective as telling students what they need to learn!

It also doesn't hurt to not be afraid to look like a nutter!

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