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Reflections on a visit to the CAVE

by Stooge4life on Apr 21, 2012 at 02:09 PM}
While on a quest for 3-D gamelab, I was asked to view the CAVE, an acronym for the Community of Academic Virtual Educators. I first viewed a video that told me how people could interact via several modes in cyberspace. The CAVE is a place where people can get information to forward the agendas for education through the use of a virtual medium. While having an information depository is always a good idea, perhaps each information station should have tutorials that actually lead a student through an activity. For instance, the use of scripts is a good idea, and having them available for use is also good. For a user who does not know how to apply scripts, there should be either a teleport taking them to a tutorial or a quest that takes one step-by-step thorugh the development process. Perhaps there are plans for such things. Perhaps they were there and I missed them. Maybe there should be a sign or symbol for prerequisite knowledge that would allow someone to pick up prerequisite skills.


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