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Moving Foward

by Fhsunshine78 on May 02, 2012 at 08:25 PM}
Today I met with my schools Faculty Advisory Council, building administration, and school district Technology Director about 3D GameLab. It was a really validating experience. Through my presentation I discussed my work with 3D GameLab thus far, and my concerns with implementation relating to both academics and technology. Our schools FAC aided in helping me to problem solve some of these concerns in a PLC model. In addition, the computer teacher offered to have older students test the quest I have designed prior to launching them with my current students as part of the core curriculum for feedback. This may be an opportunity to create student designers of quests relating to my content.


OK, that is amazing news to hear. Isn't it funny how we can impact the teaching/learning process in unexpected ways when we choose to engage with innovation in the classroom? I love that part of my job :D

Good luck with your quests and piloting, can't wait to hear how it goes and what everyone learns!
I launched today! Students are having parents check e-mails to get them access over the weekend :):) I've approved my first quests, I'm on my way.
Woo hoo! Congrats Sunshine, the adventure begins! Now you'll begin to explore your teaching will change, be open to it. Allow students to work on quests in class, let them help each other. Begin to watch your teacher report in the platform to identify when you have a small group all working on the same quest, and then pull them together into a group to power through it. Or take the whole class on a "raid," to work through a hard quest as a team. Please report back!

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