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by dorishall on Sep 18, 2020 at 04:09 AM
International students face unique financial challenges when applying to U.S. universities. They are not eligible for some types of financial aid, including federally subsidized student loans, grants, and some scholarships. While the opportunities are limited, international students do have chances to qualify for scholarships based on talent and ability rather than need.

1. Research Independent Scholarship Programs
There are a number of independent programs offering scholarships to international students. Corporations sponsor some of these scholarships to support students from a particular region or to encourage study in a specific field. There is no single source for finding this type of scholarship, but you may try using the search features provided by organizations such as custom writing services DoMyWriting.

2. Seek out Colleges Where You May Qualify for Academic Scholarships
Often, the best sources of scholarships for international students are colleges themselves. College-based scholarships can cover a large portion of annual tuition and are often renewable each year, providing students meet academic standards. Aid given by your college or university is automatically added to the calculations of your financial status, making it one less thing you need to document yourself. Finally, competition for school-based merit aid can be less competitive than that for large, independent scholarships, which draw applicants from around the world.

3. Look for Opportunities to Earn Resident Tuition
Public state universities in the U.S. charge residents of their states less to attend the university. This is known as "in-state tuition." Most international students attending a state university are charged the out-of-state tuition rate, which can be double or triple what residents of the state are asked to pay. You may find some colleges that offer in-state tuition to non-citizens, based on the domicile requirements of that state. In Texas, undocumented students can qualify as residents. The University of Vermont distinguishes between resident and non-resident international applicants. If you can qualify for in-state tuition where you live, it is effectively the same as earning a tuition scholarship from that school and will save you money on tuition.

4. Work to Improve Your Talents and Credentials
Many colleges and universities offer a limited number of scholarships for highly qualified or talented international applicants. In some cases, you will need to demonstrate your talent in athletics, music, or art, but most often your academic abilities will be evaluated based on the information you submitted for admission. Be sure to prepare carefully for tests like the SAT, ACT, or TOEFL, so you can earn the highest scores possible.

5. Avoid Scholarship Scams
Take care to avoid fraudulent businesses that guarantee to help you find scholarships—for a fee. You should never have to pay to apply for or accept scholarships, and no organization can guarantee results. Legitimate consultants may advise you on the scholarship and college admissions process, but they cannot promise results.

Some international students become discouraged initially, when they see how many scholarships for which they are not eligible. It's important to understand that you will not be considered for National Merit, ROTC, and a variety of other programs; however, there are scholarships and other forms of financial assistance available for international students.
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