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Multichannel Attribution - Where Your Sales Really Come From.

Attribution is a methodology for giving appropriate weight to all elements of the sales process that made it successful. In other words, it is a process aimed at understanding what combination of events, e.g. touch-points, influenced persuading someone to a specific, desired behavior, e.g. purchasing a product or service. Multichannel attribution helps marketers understand which ads contributed to the final transaction and what their share of the sequence of events was, i.e. which ad ultimately led to the conversion and which assisted (and to what extent).

"If you know where the sales come from,
it is easier for you to increase it by eliminating the
expenses on activities that
do not generate this sales."

Why should you think about attribution? Conversations with IgnitionOne clients and partners around the world show that nearly 80 percent of the agencies and marketers we work with agree that knowledge about the effectiveness of subsequent stages of an on-line campaign allows us to build a more effective media-mix, more effectively allocate budgets for various media and generate more profits from the same budget. Thanks to the use of multi-channel attribution, you not only evaluate the conversion based on last-click measurement from individual channels, but most of all you analyze the relationships between the channels and their share in the final conversion. Thanks to this knowledge, you reallocate resources to the most effective media configurations.

Why do companies decide to use multi-channel attribution?
First, they want to verify the advertising presence in various communication channels. The purpose of the analysis is to assess whether and to what extent your individual activities influence each other and the purchasing decisions of the customers you reach. The analysis of data on customer behavior allows you to discover, describe and evaluate these processes or their missing elements, which would not be possible to capture through a benchmark alone. Only hard data from actual processes carried out in the channels and forms selected by you will openly show all the moments when you did not manage to convince the customer to the transaction. Contrary to appearances, there are many moments where you may not see something.

Second, iphone 6 plus call recorder is useful for companies looking to build the most effective media mixes based on real conversion data. Examining the conversion only in the last-click model does not give a complete picture of the relationship. Many marketers may say that "banner advertising is not working." But there are also those who can prove that displaying a product banner with the seller's logo earlier can significantly increase the effectiveness of sales ads in an Adwords campaign. Understanding the dependencies between individual advertising channels is necessary to plan activities that will increase the effectiveness of online budgets.

Knowing the real source of conversion and the participation of other channels in this conversion will also be useful in determining payments for on-line efficiency settlements.

Why does attribution in marketing matter?

1. Careful allocation of budgets
2. Improving ROI and ROAS
3. Tested effectiveness of dependencies in multi-channel communication
4. Decisiveness based on hard data
5. Better understanding for off-line interactions.