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Business Term Paper Topic Ideas

• Activity Based Costing of Various Organizations

This is a paper that analyzes and argues that activity based costing is most appropriate for assigning costs to products for all types of organizations.

• Activity Based Costing.

This paper discusses activity based costing of a company.

• Activity-Based Costing: An Analysis of Service Industry Applications.

As a paper writer to write a research paper for me I examine Activity-Based Costing in the service industry and discusses how the service industry uses ABC to improve profits and competitiveness. In the process, I explain the benefits of Activity-Based Costing.

• Acurain

Modesto is a town with a long history of irrigation use. In fact, it is probably one of the most experienced in the US. This points to strong brand loyalties and high barriers to entry. However, the population of Modesto is young and growing quickly. Many newcomers will be making their first sprinkler purchases and therefore be potential targets for a successful marketing campaign. The statistics indicate that the 20-44 age group is the largest market segment, followed by those under 15, those aged 45-64 and finally 65+. While Modesto is increasingly popular for young families, it is also a hotspot for retirees. This opens the door to several market segments.

• Adaptability as an Emotional Competence

Individual employees experience difficulties in keeping pace with the organizational restructuring or improvement processes. A key challenge for an individual during organizational changes is not only to reaffirm capability to learn new skills but also to develop and maintain an attitude to tackle new ways of doing things. Organization experts believe that the self is the key in determining the reaction of individual employees to the changing organizational landscape.


• Adaptation for Effective Leadership

There are two schools of thought that effective leadership is adapting one’s leadership style to fit the situation and that one must adapt the situation to fit the leadership style. The question then arises, which is correct? Should a leader be so flexible as to change his or her style on the fly? Is that even possible? Should the leader try to change the situation to best fit his or her personal leadership style? Is this possible? Perhaps, in the end, is a combination of both, dependent on the situation at hand.

• Accounting and Financial Management.

This paper examines the profession of accounting and that of financial management and the different issues both address, as shown primarily by the book "Fundamentals of Financial Management" by Eugene F. Brigham.

• Accounting for Decision Making

This paper analyzes a case study of Creative Consumer Consultants suggesting what would happen if the current allocation system based on total billings, with a new system allocating the costs evenly and showing how this would depress the earnings of most offices.

• Accounting- Audit Software's and customized SAP R/3.

According to coursework help service this paper discusses how since the introduction of SAP R/3, internal audit departments of many large organizations around the world have struggled to gain an understanding of the impact that such an all-encompassing system is having on their organizations.

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