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Rank: Guild Officers
Online: over 3 years ago
Joined: Apr 22, 2012
Nick Name: AgileBill
Gender: Male
Hi! I'm AgileBill, a Distributed Agile Coach.
I have space in 9 virtual platforms - different tools for different jobs!

I multi class in Developer, Project Manager, Trainer.
Skills: Agile development, project management, MBTI, virtual worlds.
Interests: Virtual Worlds, Gamifcation, Machinima, scripting
Rockcliffe Board of Directors (the folks who bring you VWBPE)
Forum Signature:
Quest Lead - Which World are You?

Certifications: 9. Badges: 6

Worlds Explored = Unity, TERF, OpenSim(Jokaydia, SpotOn3d, SL, Kitely), Avayalive.engage, 3D-VirtualEvents, Blue Mars, Twinity, VenueGen, Protosphere, Sococo, OpenWonderland, CloudParty

BrainHex Class is Socialiser-Seeker -- Socialiser: 20, Seeker: 16, Achiever: 14, Conqueror: 7, Mastermind: 5, Survivor: 0, Daredevil: -4